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BlockFi Return With Another Great Bonus Offer!

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1 year ago

BlockFi Are Giving Away Free BTC Again!

A Lot of Crypto enthusiasts really love using BlockFi and if you have been wanting to earn interest on your BTC, alts and stable coins then you have probably given BlockFi some thought. If I am merely holding coins then I am definitely going to go the route of a non custodial wallet and hold my own private keys. However, earning interest involves surrendering your private keys and that is where I would much rather trust a large trusted company like BlockFi. Backed by Gemini and Galaxy Digital, BlockFi carry some significant weight in the lending business.  

BlockFi recently added PAX Gold and also offer interest bearing accounts for ETH, Litecoin and a number of Stable coins. Holding PAX Gold in your interest bearing account is the equivalent of earning interest on your gold, as the token is pegged to the price of gold. The current offer expires on the 31st of October and bonuses start at $25 for a low deposit of only $25! In essence, you can earn 100% interest in one month on a $25 deposit.

These bonuses are unfortunately only for first time deposits and bonus amounts increase as deposit amounts increase. Anyone wanting to open a BlockFi account should definitely wait for such an offer, as BlockFi often run promos through which new users are gifted with BTC!

One of the most attractive features is that there is no minimum deposit required to earn interest, so users can send small amounts of BTC to their interest bearing account on a continuous basis. Interest is paid monthly and is credited to your existing balance. Select which Crypto you wish to receive your monthly payments in and sit back and slowly build your stack over time.

I have been using BlockFi for approximately a year or so and have really enjoyed the experience and professionalism of the company.

Please do not consume this information as investment advice but rather as informative entertainment. 

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Written by   171
1 year ago
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