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Adapt & Survive

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3 months ago

A Law Of Nature

In the world of technology and finance, remaining relevant is crucial. Crypto manages to marry these two sectors in a rather unique way, which places even more pressure on Crypto projects to remain relevant. You will note that many projects from 2017 are no longer relevant, or even being utilized. Many continue to trade from merely a speculative point of view, but there is no relevant use case or utility assigned to them. It reminds me of the plethora of Bitcoin forks that exist, do they even actually exist? These coins are in essence, useless. BCH is probably the only one that has any meaningful development taking place.

However, you will note that the introduction of Smart BCH has been instrumental in securing its current relevance in the marketplace. This is exactly what I am addressing. Had BCH not stepped up its game, it would be sitting alongside all the other useless Bitcoin forks on a forgotten dusty shelf. This is the foundational rule of survival: Adjust or become extinct.

Make Way For Hive

This is where Hive is not only adapting but leading by example. The amount of dapps and services on the Hive blockchain is mind-numbing, especially considering how young this project is. Blogging, Play2Earn, Move2Earn, and DeFi are just some of the niches incorporated into the Hive ecosystem. Projects that offer such a vast variety and have active daily users and subsequently wallet addresses are primed to eventually shine.

This is why despite the ongoing outages, Solana continues almost unaffected. The Solana blockchain offers an inexpensive experience with loads of utility. People want variety and value. Pack those two dynamics into any business and you have a winner. I can understand and appreciate Cardano’s approach, but Charles is more of a “scientist” than a businessman. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cardano is going to do extremely well in the next bullish phase. However, the team’s approach is more an expression of art than a business.

The Secret To Binance’s Supremacy

Whether you love or hate Binance, you have to give credit where credit is due. One of the most important ingredients to Binance’s success is a willingness to adapt. Not only is there a willingness, but also the urgency. Back in 2020 when DeFi began making waves, CZ jumped on it almost immediately. Nothing gets past this guy. The Same story with NFTs. Binance met the demands of the market every time. CZ is a businessman who understands that providing variety and value is imperative.

Sam Bankman-Fried is another leader in the space who understands the importance of adapting, in order to meet the needs of the market. It’s simple if you don’t do it, somebody else will. These guys understand the importance of being first, of being on the cutting edge of technology. Sam’s endorsement of Solana is also clearly a “vote of confidence” that the market continues to respect. When you consider successful projects, there are three important elements that seem to be a common denominator.

  • Ongoing development

  • Variety

  • Value

Ensuring that these three elements are at work provides me with a fair amount of confidence that a project is on the right track. Remember, the market does not always accurately value a project. Projects can oftentimes be momentarily overvalued, as well as undervalued. Utilizing this “test” often gives me a fairly good indication of the true “health” of a project.

Anyway, that’s me for this one. See you in the next one!

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Written by   224
3 months ago
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