3 Low-Cap Altcoins I Am Quietly Stacking

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Unique Use Cases & Motivations

Having a single qualifying factor when it comes to investing is an approach that I don’t tend to entertain. For instance, some will invest in a project because it appears to be undervalued. Others will choose a project that appears to have a particularly great use case or strong community. My opinion is to rather identify projects within the different categories and subsequently reduce my risk and higher my chances of success. Selecting a single coin or project can really pay off but it can also destroy you. In this article, I will address three smaller projects that I am constantly increasing exposure to and why.


This is the largest of the three when it comes to market cap and is currently ranked at 152 with a market cap of approximately $500 million. I consider Ravencoin a low-cap due to it still being far outside of the Top 100. This project actually covers more than one of the different criteria that investors would seek to identify. Firstly, you can actually build on top of Ravencoin and create digital assets. The 500 RVN are also burned and subsequently reduce the supply. The coin is capped at 21 billion, as opposed to Bitcoin’s 21 million. I have not heard or seen much of NFTs being created on Ravencoin and it would appear that this is still very much an untapped market. Secondly, transaction speed and cost are very attractive. This is always an important factor for significant adoption. Finally, the community is extremely passionate, which is always essential. A successful project is always surrounded by an engaged and passionate community.

Provided the developments that I foresee unfolding actually take place, I would not be surprised to see RVN trading at a couple of dollars in a few years’ time. This could actually take place a lot sooner but I prefer to undershoot than overshoot. RVN is currently trading at $0.05 at the time of writing and reached an all-time high of $0.28 in February of 2021.


I don’t necessarily power up all my LEO and HIVE but I am slowly and quietly accumulating both of these tokens. LEO has a lot of potential in my opinion but as a very long-term play, which is perfect for slow and steady accumulation. It is also good to know that LEO has surpassed the dollar mark back in 2021, which is a clear indication that it can be done again. The market cap is also extremely low, which should see some significant growth even in the light of modest success. I think in many cases, the community is the largest driving force of this project. Exposure is increasing and with the latest DeFi and PolyCUB expansion, it is just a matter of time before the token begins to reflect this increased value.

A coin or token that has great potential and yet is slow to respond is oftentimes the best choice for someone looking to accumulate over an extended period of time. LEO also has a passive income slant through curation rewards, which is yet another encouraging aspect of this token.


This is a serious micro-cap, not even a low-cap! I have mentioned this altcoin a number of times. My initial post in regards to Axpire was a trade idea posted in October of 2021. The trade idea came to fruition and produced a return of approximately 400% from the breakout to the peak. The price has obviously retraced along with the rest of the market. I did however notice that LunarCrush reported that today’s price was the highest price level reached in the past 90 days. AXPR was up 25% earlier today and would have made for a great scalp. This project has the backing of a sister company that has been in business for many years and worked with some of the largest global brands. Funding and stability are not really a concern, which is always important for new and developing projects.

The fact that Axpire has recently secured a client in the form of a Top 10 global hedge fund also hints toward future greatness. The payment app is busy being rebranded just prior to launching. The team has explained how accurate branding is imperative to the success of the app and Axpire as a whole. The window of truly great opportunity could be closing soon, although there is a way to go, getting in at these levels will be extremely powerful in the event AXPR takes off soon!

Final Thoughts

These are three smaller projects I am busy stocking up on. These coins or tokens are easily earned via blogging or passive mechanisms that I have set up. I enjoy the idea of dedicating certain passive income streams and mechanisms to particular coins. In this way, I know that I am gaining more coins each day, regardless of price or anything I do or don’t do. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!


First of all, I am not a financial advisor. All information provided on this website is strictly my own opinion and not financial advice. I do make use of affiliate links. Purchasing or interacting with any third-party company could result in me receiving a commission. In some instances, utilizing an affiliate link can also result in a bonus or discount.

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