Uncertain Incidence at kabal

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What happened earlier is summarized below.

Tessa, Mip and Zack, three siblings, go out for a walk in the car. One evening they had a problem with their car and it was getting late at night.

The color of the room inside was 300. And next to it was room number 299 . In that room we saw a child with a knife in his hand with which he killed many people incessantly. Character leader (MC) zack wants to get out of the restaurant. But when he about to left the restaurant, he saw that the child had killed the recipient.

Zack, tessa and Mip after seeing these n they come back to their room and what should they do now. They keep thinking about how the baby survived and what happened to the baby. They take out their phones and they call home but unfortunately the place had no network on their phones.

It's really unusual in the background that a jungle animal and a restaurant next to the city would never have to break up.

He was so brave that he thought he would call the baby once and for all. The biggest thing was that the restaurant they were in had no other people except them. He sits next to her and looks around the room to see if there are any other people. But did not find a man in gold. He then realized that there was something wrong with the restaurant and that he had to find out what had happened to the baby. The boy then said that he wanted to know the reason behind the child.

So they decided that the three online streams would be together so that they would know if they had any problems. It's 3 o'clock at night and they're sitting quietly in the room for 3 minutes. Someone will come with that bloody baby with bangles in his hand and will cut their throats and cut their throats.

When he called the company on the phone of the restaurant and immediately he picked up the phone of the owner of the restaurant and kept telling the owner of the restaurant the problems of their life. Then the owner of that restaurant will tell you you can't get out of this place.

The only way out of here is to freeze your frozen body. Double Stem wondered what could be done, what could be done, how they could get out of this basement. Suddenly they remembered something. At that moment, as if someone was standing by the door of their room and saying open the door, open the door. All they could do was realize that this was the kid who wanted to kill them.

They thought they would escape through the window. Lol

If they were upstairs, it would be very risky to do so. But he didn't want to wake up because he knew he wouldn't be able to get down from the 5th floor. Suddenly he heard the waiter screaming and immediately opened the door and looked outside to see that he had killed the children's sweater and tore his head and body apart. And the heart of that man is sucking that baby from inside that separated body.

How can a child get out of here one day in the middle of three nights ..

They called the owner again and said that we have no girl to get out of here. The owner then said that if you want to get out of here you have to cooperate with the child if it is not possible. How they would cooperate with a dead bike and help them escape. The king is killing one man after another because the child wants help. If anyone can do that, the king will leave the restaurant.

Then listen to this chromium that everyone is saying to help that baby we will help you. Even if our life is gone, I want you to be happy for the rest of your life.

Then the children's voices

How will you help? I have to kill you before you can do it. Only then will you be able to help and you will not be able to help in any other way ..

They were worried about the fire, they had nothing else to do, so what to do now, where to go, what to eat, everything seemed to merge into a group.

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Anyway you keep wondering how Tina Mia will get out and from. See you in next week's article. And that's where I'll end my Eastwood. See you next week when Last Sends will send a friend to tell you your opinion on how they can get out of here.

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