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Horrifying forest fire🔥what are our responsibilies... 20,May 2022

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1 month ago

No time to grieve for roses, when forests are burning..!!!

Time in nature especially in hilly areas covered with forests soothes our soul.... Forests are the biggest blessing of God...They are the reason of life on this palanet, as they are the main source of oxygen, rain, fresh air, food and also habitat for other life forms such as micro-flora and funa and other animals.

A view before fire

They are now declining due to arthopogenic activities like cuttings, clearance of forests for construction of roads, industries, farms etc... But the most horrifying decline is due to fires. The fire may be due to naturally and due to human activities. This results in the destruction of diversity of both flora and funa.

I lived in a village and my village is surrounded my beautiful mountains covered with alot of plant diversity especially pinus trees. I experienced a difference of temperature in my area and the city where i spend almost 4 years...which is about 35km and its a plain area and usually have less cover of forest than my valley.

But in this summer there is a sudden change in temperature even of our valley, its also due to change in climate but mostly i observed due to forest fire that happend last week. Last week on 09, May 2022, i was at my home and i see the ash parcticles flying everywhere, and then i rush toward my roof and i see a horrifying fire spreading over the mountain. As our area is rich in diversity and there is no fire from last 6,7 years so that's why it was more horrible than usuall.

Burning wood

All the males who were present at that time in village rush toward the mountain and tried their best to put out the fire but all in vain...the fire was spreading and covering the large area quickly. At about 10:00 pm they all succeeded in putting off the fire.

The next day i watched so many posts about the destructions, the remains of destruction, the burnt wild animals and birds and the different varities of plants. Every picture was painful but the most disturbing.

Dead parrots

We all are responsible for this deatruction. The main thing i observed is the lack of knowledge amomg the local people, they think that grasses grow more quickly and in better quality and quantity after fire , if it rain.

Remains of destruction

During the whole struggle of putting off fire, not even a single member of forest administration comes there. They are also repsonsible for the destruction and i think they did most of the time intentionally, because they store the wood logs when the trees fell down after facing fire, and they sold them in black after that.

Stored wood logs

There is no system of fire brigade in our village ans for this our political administration is responsible and indirectly we are responsible that we select such non eligible people to run admisstration. And we all should have to do our best at our end to educate the people about the importance of forest in our lives.

Thanks for reading💕

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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You are living in so much beautiful place but the people of your area didn't value this importance, this is cruel with the wild animals and plants. Hope so the government should take the action against it

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1 month ago

Like your content

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