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The Art of Wabi Sabi - Flawsome

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7 months ago
Topics: Humor, Beauty, Mind, Thought, Perception, ...

Wabi Sabi is the view which is centered on the acceptance of imperfection .This traditional Japanese aesthetic appreciates beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature. It is finding joy in little things which go unnoticed , Wabi Sabi is understanding raw beauty.

Bringing wabi-sabi into your life doesn’t require money or special skills. It takes a mind quiet enough to appreciate muted beauty, courage not to fear bareness, willingness to accept things as they are without ornamentation.

You can start small, let me give you an example, I have a broad forehead and since from childhood, I am always advised to cover it with hair bangs but with Wabi Sabi . I have started loving it, I think it just makes my face more attractive and unique. I now wear headbands, bandanas with so much confidence because I have willingly accepted my raw beauty.

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