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PhoenixCo Token(XPHX)

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6 months ago

Hello all ,

Xphx is one of the projects Xphx is one of the best Blockchain-based Token projects,if you want to invest in the long term xphx is the solution, why do i recommend XPHX , let's see xphx products/projects

  • "XPHX is a token project that you can stake, save and invest in various liquidity pools."

  • 🗃️ Whitepaper

Previously I will provide info, where we can buy XPHX tokens,

  • There is There are 2 networks XPHX SLP and BSC

1️⃣.To purchase XPHX in the SLP (simpleledger) network, we can buy it at the link below.

2️⃣Purchase of XPHX on the Binance smart chain network.

💠Xphx stake project

For Stake XPHX there are 3 choices


  • XPHX 150 day locked Stake Mining

    Minimal Stake : 1000 XPHX

    APY : 62.78 %

  • XPHX 190 day locked Stake Mining

    Minimal Stake : 7400 XPHX

    APY : 5245.54 %

  • XPHX Flexible Stake Mining

    Duration: 5 Day

    Minimumstake: 1000 XPHX

    Minimum : 1,000


Save feature The current save feature is available for 63 days, after the save time is met it will automatically balance and profit will be opened.

For profit results (APR) depending on the Coin or Token you save.



Xphx has good liquidity, Provide XPHX paired Liquidity to earn consistent fees by each Swap on the platform ! 33.00 % of the paid fees by users will distribute to LP token holders

Couple for current LP

For XPHX Community Information

Telegram : XPHX Token Official English Chat

Group Link :

PhoenixCo Channels :

Contact us :

Website :

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Written by   9
6 months ago
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