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The Monkey society NFT is dropping in 15 hours and you could win $100,000.

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6 months ago

NFT business is rising and showing exponential growths day by day, it's a billion dollar thing.

There's a NFT project called MONKEY SOCIETY, which shows promising growth and profits, with over 38.9 thousand discord members, strong community and visionary leaders, this project is destined to go to the moon.

Their website- Monkey Society

Let me share you their backstory,

"All life forms are unique in themselves, yet there are emotions and desires we all share. From feelings of love and empathy to the desire for significance... You could say this is the place where acts of altruism are born; a quality the beings in Monkey Society have in abundance.

And so, in a time when the world has been plunged deep in darkness, the monkeys as always have stood up to shine their light of love and loyalty for their human masters. These creatures have been on earth longer than humans and any known civilization. As always, they are here to shine their light of love in a dark world, always being ready to protect those in need of protection and give love to those impoverished of love.

Now welcome to the Monkey Society, a community of unique and rare creatures, unconditionally loyal to their human master and sworn by their very nature to love and protect us forever. Monkey Society consists of rare, colorful primates all having unique superpowers."

Key points about the project

  • The Monkey Society was created by a team of digital natives, which consists of outstanding entrepreneurs, impressive artists, blockchain experts, and marketing gurus.

  • You can earn passive Royalties by staking your NFT on the staking platform.

  • The most coolest feature is the NFT upgrades, YES! you can upgrade your NFTs.

  • The Monkey Society is more than just an NFT investment. Merchandises that hold special meaning will be available for sale holders to own.

  • Every month after our launch, there will be the release of new special edition upgrades, which will be raffled among current holders for at least one year! This raffle is a community-only-event, outsiders will not be welcomed.

But why Monkey Society?

1.) They think long term- Don't get involved with the hype, choose long term growth projections and consistency. The Monkey Society project is designed to evolve and expand over the long term.

2.)Inclusivity - I quote them saying this on their official website "At monkey society, we encourage our community to share their ideas in our creative and developmental processes. We believe that people value groups that they are a part of, which is why we want you to be a decision maker at Monkey Society".

3.) Unique - Every NFT offered in Monkey Society has absolute rarity and individuality about it. That's why your NFT is one of a kind.

4.) Community - Again I quote them say this on their website "We believe individuals who share common goals, share similar successes. You have the opportunity to be part of a growing community of smart and ambitious people".

One More thing I would like to add is the Mythic Monkeys-

The Mythic Monkey NFTs in the Monkey Society collection are the rarest of them all. These hand drawn monkeys are respectively different in every sense different from the regular collection. They are also the leaders of the tribe, and have the responsibility to care for other monkeys in the society. And of course with great responsibility comes great reward, which is why each owner of the Mythic Monkeys will be rewarded with a $10,000 bonus!

How can you win 100,000$ ?

Well for this you have to join their discord server and get whitelisted and take part in the presale which is on 7:30 AM IST 14th NOVEMBER which is going to last for 24 hours.

Here's the link if you wanna join.

During the presale, there are 3 mythic monkeys one of them is worth 100,000$.

I'd say it's worth trying your luck as the cost to mint one monkey is just about 0.069ETH.

Thanking you,

May you all readers have a good luck.

Peace out.

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6 months ago
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