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Life is like a water circle

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3 months ago

This means that we human being circulate like water and our position cannot remain forever.

Let me start this way, when chief Olusegun Obasanjo was jailed by late Sani Abacha in year 1993, the taught of many people over him would be death. That is he was going to spend all his life in jail. And again he might have loosed hope of becoming somebody in life. Meanwhile God has plan for him that he's not going to use the rest of his life in jail. To cut the story shot, he later became the president of Nigeria. See how life is, no position is permanent for anybody and don't underrate your fellow human being.

Professor Yemi Osibanjo was once a commissioner in Lagos state Nigeria under Asiwaju Bola Amed Tinubi regime but now he's the vise president of Nigeria. Destiny can only be delay but can never change.

In the bible, Joseph was once sold in slavery but later became prime minister in Egypt. Therefore don't use your present situation to judge your future because life is like a water circle.

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It is very bad to belittle people in life, likewise it is bad to give up the struggle in life.

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3 months ago

Don't ever think that the position you are in today is forever because no position is permanent for anybody, that is life.

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3 months ago