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10 Years Challenges

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3 months ago

challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination. In other way round, it is also has to do with you plans base on what you want to achieve in next 10 years to come or what you have achieved for the past 10 years. Now let do the practical with ourselves based on our 10 years challenges. Compare and contrast your achievement in Ten yeas ago with your present situation now, is there any changes in you?

Some people's challenges might be positive while some might be negative. Some people might be living in a me rent house/apartment in the past Ten years but now living in own house with family (positive challenges). Some might be working in a big company before receiving good salaries, living in a good house/apartment, riding every latest car but now they have received sack letter (negative challenges).

This is a question for you and I what you have achieved for the past Ten years and what you'll achieve in the next Ten years to come, ask yourself. 🤷


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Good write up, I am proud of you. Try and write more beautiful story again. I learnt a lot from this your story and other once too.

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3 months ago

Thanks mar

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3 months ago

Very well written and eye-catching blog. Keep going, I will read your posts willingly! If you want to learn something about cryptocurrencies please visit my blog :)

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2 months ago