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26-05-22 Thursday

Every human being likes music. Because through music we can express our feelings and understand them better. The 90's songs were very good and our ears felt better listening to them. If we listen to them even today, we get a different feeling.

Today's songs

But now times have changed considerably. People's preferences have also changed. The new generation now listens more to hip hop and fast music related songs. But the problem is not in listening to songs. As we all know, over the years, most of the songs have been released from India. But now that the songs aren't very well understood, there are some very difficult things are included which we will summarize today.

No style of language

The practice of speaking a single language in a song is disappearing. A song uses a lot of language. The listener is also disturbed by this. In 90's it was sung in only one language. Which made the entertainment of listening to the song even more. Therefore, it is necessary to bring back the age of a language and it is also very difficult to do this.

Misuse of language

The second worst thing about today's song is that the language is misused. People even abuse each other in the song so that they can start controversies with each other and get fame. In the earlier songs, only love and cheerfulness were promoted and no one was abused.

Prefer hatred in song

The third important reason is that people hate each other in songs. They do this only for the sake of growth and fame. Many people are overwhelmed in real life because of the songs. But in earlier times this did not happen at all. People did their job and did not abuse anyone.

Addiction to drugs

There is a little bit of intoxication of drugs in the songs. Drugs are used in songs so that young people start using drugs. This is how drugs are being promoted. This is very dangerous for the new generation. While this was not the case in the 90's song, the practice of making videos of the song was very rare. So no one used drugs in songs.

Using weapons in the song

'Kill me with weapons' in the song scenes are shooted. This is how chaos is being spread in the society. Weapons are being fired so that people can harm each other for no reason. This was never done in the 90's song as I said no one made a video of the songs and the names of the weapons were not mentioned or promoted in the songs.

We must avoid them all. These are all bad things and they endanger our lives. So all these things have to stop in the song. So that we can live a better life.

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Topics: Thoughts, Songs, Humans, Fame, Hatred, ...


One thing I must wanna add here that now indian T series really producing those songs who are actually from Pakistan
Please don't mind it is reality

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