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ZOO Crypto World: Highest Returns by NFT Gaming!

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In this post I will be covering a new NFT Game called ZOO Crypto World and how it is offering the highest returns compared to all the other NFT games out there. I will be talking about what I see as strong points about this project which might help it grow much bigger in coming weeks and also look at it’s weak areas which can create challenges for it.


What Exactly is ZOO Crypto World?

ZOO Crypto is a new NFT gaming platform which is includes a set of animal based NFTs of varying rarity levels. The basic rarity levels are Junk, Normal and rare and these NFTs can not be upgraded and their mining powers are fixed. The higher rarity class is called Epic and these NFTs can be upgraded by burning a set of basic cards. The highest level is called Legendary and they have the highest mining power.

The game involves two native tokens- KEY and ZOO. KEY tokens can be earned by providing liquidity to their farms or they can be purchased directly from Pancakeswap as well. These KEY tokens can be used to unlock a NFT of random rarity level.

The other native token is called ZOO and you earn this by mining through the NFTs you hold. This token as well can be traded on Pancakeswap.  


Is it a Better Version of Mobox?

If you are familiar with Mobox you would have noticed that ZOO is heavily inspired by Mobox and in many aspects has copied the Mobox model as it is.

It is quite common for crypto platforms to copy and build upon a base form other existing platforms but what is remarkable is that the creators of ZOO seem to have closely followed which were the main challenges that Mobox faced after it’s launched and tried to improve upon it which might help them be much more sustainable than Mobox.

Some of the main improvements I can see are:

·       Early Launch of Gaming Features- Mobox delayed the launch of it’s first game for a long time after the mining rewards for NFT holders started to drop. This caused a sudden drop in price of their native token MBOX. ZOO seems to have learnt from it and they launched their first PVP (player vs player) game within a couple of days of their launch

·       Rewards for Everyone- The biggest criticism that Mobox faced was that the rewards from their game was enjoyed only by the Top30 whales and rest of the users hardly got anything. In this regards ZOO has created a model that rewards everyone in their game even if their final rank is more than 1,000. This really encourages even small players to feel involved


How Much Can you Earn from ZOO?

Now let’s come to the most important aspect about what kind of earnings can you expect from ZOO. You also need to keep in mind what investments you will need to make to get started.

One option is to add a large amount to their liquidity pools and earn Keys to mint their NFTs. This will need a lot of time unless you are a whale. Better strategy will be to buy some NFTs from market or purchase few Keys from Pancakeswap.

The cheapest NFT can be bought for under $20 on the market but to receive a decent earning it would be better to hold at least one Epic or Legendary NFT as it gives you the option to form a set which gives you a bonus mining power of 50. Add to this 50 the individual mining power of you NFTs and you can achieve a mining power of 100 by investing $2,000 to $2,500.

This might seem like a considerable amount but now let’s look at the return. The mining hash depends on total users staking theor NFTs and it ranges from 40-60 ZOO tokens rewarded per 100 mining power per day. This means with 100 mining power you will get average of 50 ZOO tokens daily which is currently trading at over $3 which makes it $150. This means you can recover your investment in 14-15 days.

I was able to recover my investment in less than 10 days but that was because I joined from the first day when the ZOO token price was much higher.

I have been trying out all popular NFT games and from my experience so far ZOO is offering the highest rate of return.

If this seems interesting to you then check it out at -

As always this is based on my personal experience and risk tolerance you should DYOR and understand your risk appetite before taking any decision.

If you think there are any other NFT games out there giving great returns then do let me know in the comments.




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Written by   47
1 year ago
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