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Project Nebula: Beginners Guide on Gameplay!

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11 months ago

In this post I will be covering some basics about the gameplay about what factors you need to keep in mind once you start playing. I will also cover an explanation of the navigation panel and how you can claim your first planet.

Yesterday I noticed on discord a person who mentioned he did not know how to open a planetary system and claim the planet inside. Due to lack of this small piece of info he missed out on getting planets worth potentially thousands of dollars. I know very well how that feels so I wanted to make a small guide to cover the essential steps every player should know so as to not miss out on getting those wonderful planet based NFTs.

Another motivation for making this is guide is that Nebula has a bit of learning curve associated and in most parts the more you play the more you will learn  and appreciate the game and then you can customize your own strategy to maximize your gains. This post is focused for those people who feel a bit overwhelmed when they see a large control panel with several options and indicators. Most of it is intuitive which you will able to figure out as you start playing but in case you are totally new to the project these pointers might be helpful.

Keep in mind that all information I present here is available on their official medium blog, their website and Discord channel, but if you are the type that prefers to start playing first and read instructions later then this post will help.



When you land on the Project Nebula website for the first time you will asked to create an account. It will ask for some basic info and an e-mail to link your account after that it will send an e-mail with a verification link to activate your account.

You will also see a link to setup a ICONex wallet, this will be required to make any purchases in the marketplace and also the ICX you earn by selling any planets will be sent to this account.

Once you have completed these steps of creating an account linked to your e-mail address and installing a ICONex wallet and linking it to your account, then you will see the PLAY button on top left side of screen getting activated. This means you are now all set to start playing.



Before you dive deep into the universes of Nebula take a minute to familiarize yourself with the navigation panel to understand how the different functionalities of the game are structured.

·       PLAY- This is the section where you explore Nebula to find amazing artifacts like Asteroids, Solar Systems with Planets, Space Stations, Wormholes and much much more.

·       OVERVIEW- This section contains all the Planets, Spaceships and Special Inventory items you have stored in your wallet. Anything you buy in the market or find while exploring the universe will get saved here.

·       MARKETPLACE- Secondary market to trade Planets and Spaceships with your fellow explorers on Nebula.

·       RESEARCH- You can conduct special types of research here to capture some special categories of Planets and to make your spaceships and planets more effective.

·       COLLECTIONS- You will receive some special pieces of Collectors edition of Images, Sound Tracks and Lores which will get stored here.



Before you start your space adventure you will need to equip yourself with some gear to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Minimum Requirements- The bare essential equipment before beginning your exploration is a spaceship. You can explore the marketplace to find good deals on getting your first ship. You can select the auction method if you want to try your luck on getting a good opportunity. If you are in a rush to board the ship there is a fixed price instant buy options too.

You can also filter to select if you want a basic ship like the Roc or a fully powered up beast like a Behemoth. The more advanced the ship is the more expensive it will be. If you hover over the ship you will be able to see the specifications like fuel capacity, fuel consumption per block of exploration etc. A faster ship gives you a competitive edge over fellow explorers and that is the reason why they are currently selling at such a premium price.

Optional Add-ons- Once you get hold of a Spaceship you are all set to start exploring the vast spaces in Nebula but before that you might consider buying some planets as well. Having planets is not a mandatory requirement but having some gives your in-game stats a boost which helps you research faster, earn more credits and you can build Rifts on your planets which act as teleporter device which can zap you between planets instantly saving you a lot of exploration time.



After you have secured that Spaceship and perhaps a few Planets as well you can just go ahead and zap across the universe. As you select the PLAY option you will find 31 Space Sectors or Galaxies and you can chose one of them to deploy your spaceship.

After you have selected the Sector you want to start with, you need to click the DEPLOY SHIP button to enter that area.


Once you have deployed your SpaceShip you will find yourself at the SpaceDock which is the starting point in each sector and now you can start navigating around one Hex or block at a time and start encountering new objects like Asteroids, Planets, Abandoned Spaceships, Alien Objects, Re-fueling stations etc.

As you explore you will be able to design and improve your strategies and if you need help or guidance you can join the Nebula Discord group to discuss strategies and exchange ideas with your fellow explorers.

Hope you are good to start now and I will soon come up with another post to share details about some of the strategies I have come up with while exploring Nebula over the last couple of weeks.

In case there is anything else or specific you would like to know about Project Nebula do let me know in the comments.

 Official Blog of Project Nebula-

Project Nebula Website –



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