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Pawzees Club: Why I think this NFT has the potential to 100X!

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10 months ago

If you have read my previous posts then you would have a noticed a pattern that I am a huge fan of passive income. That’s the reason why I like crypto projects that offer opportunities to generate additional sources of income through Staking rewards, APY returns through Liquidity Pools and P2E (Play to Earn) NFTs.

This was also the reason why I stayed away from the 10,000 collectibles series of NFTs. There had been a huge deluge of copy cat projects after the unimaginable success of Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. There were dozens of 10,000 NFT projects coming out everyday with nothing new to offer which made it obvious for everyone that more than 90% of these projects are bound to fail sooner or later.

Another deterrent was that most projects were of ETH and I hate paying high gas fees for each transaction as it adds to the Entry barrier. I prefer low entry projects which are inclusive for everyone and not just whales. I was also not convinced by the idea of holding on to an image with the hopes that someday it will pump in price. I prefer holding on to crypto assets which keep generating benefits.

As always before going any further I want to clarify that I have been juggling with crypto for many years and am well aware of the risks and always play with money and I can afford to lose. Do not take this post as financial advise and DYOR before making a move.


What exactly is Pawzees Club NFT Project?

Pawzees is a project through which 8,888 unique NFTs will be minted at a fair price of 0.03 ETH which is about $ 90 at the time of posting this article. They have not done any massive shilling so you can mint the NFTs at a time when the gas price is lower. I just hate projects where people FOMO into buying and in turn make the gas prices crazy.

They plan to be a launchpad of NFT collections by helping artists release their collections and supporting them to reduce the development time and launch costs.


What make Pawzees Club different from the other NFT Projects?

I have been part of the Pawzees Club community for a while now and have been looking into their roadmap for a few weeks now and wanted to be sure that I am convinced about their long term sustainability before recommending this project to anyone.

I would like to summarize here what aspects of this project give me confidence to invest in them with a long term view and why this is one of the only NFT collectible series I am super bullish on.

1.     Long-Term Play, No Pump and Dump

Most NFT projects spend most of their seed fund on marketing and publicity as their main goal is to shill their project hard and dump as soon as the price goes up.

Pawzees on the other hand is not making any efforts on publicity and I am quite sure most of you would not have heard about it. Their plan is that rather than mindless shilling they want their project to organically gain popularity by achieving their roadmap targets.

2.     Passive Income for HODLers

This is probably my favorite part about this project as I don’t like assets where your end-game is to wait for a price appreciation and sell off your NFT. I prefer long term assets which continue to generate revenue for years. Pawzees will distribute a part of the commissions earned from NFT sales on their launchpad to the club members. Also the members will be eligible to receive airdrops from artists who launch their collections on Pawzees platform.


3.     NFT Game in the Roadmap

In the future they plan to launch a NFT game which will allow you to breed more NFTs with the Generation 0 NFTs that you will mint now. They have not shared any details around it as of now but it seems it will be something similar to the concept of Axie Infinity.


If this project sounds like something you would be interested in then feel free to use my referral link to mint one -


It is still very early in the project with about 1,500 NFTs minted of the total 8,888 so if you join now you have a chance at getting several airdrops as the project progresses to complete their minting milestones.

Let me know if there are any other NFT projects you think are worth checking out.




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Written by   47
10 months ago
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