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NFT Gaming Updates: Mobox, Strainz and Doctor Who!

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1 year ago

In this post I will be covering which have been the main updates for the new NFT based games I wrote about recently- Mobox, Strainz and Doctor Who.

Overall I am still really bullish on all three of them as they keep progressing well on their roadmap but I have started to diversify more across them as earlier I was investing much more heavily in Mobox. I will explain now what are the reasons why I am moving some of my funds out of Mobox into Strainz and Doctor Who.


MOBOX- Launch of Alpha version of their First Game

Mobox has launched alpha version of it’s first game called Token Master, which has in fact come a bit earlier than their planned timeline of end of May or early June. In terms of gameplay it is not so bad but there are several aspects which could have been handled better in my opinion. Let me deep dive into what were the features I find good about this game and which are the ones that are a bit disappointing.

The Good-

The best part is that their development team has proven they can deliver on tight schedule. The game includes 3 sub-games, the first is basically earning native gold tokens by simply holding more Momo NFTs. The more Momos you hold the more gold you keep collecting. The second sub-game is called Momopoly which is a roulette combined with a spin-off of monopoly. It is purely luck based so I did not find it much interesting but there must be some people who might find this game enjoyable. The last sub-game is the main game where you fight your top 3 momos against 3 momos of a randomly selected opponent and if you win you are rewarded a part of opponents game. You have the option to enhance the skills of your momos so they have special fighting abilities like deflecting an attack or recovering their health. Somehow similar to Splinterlands and AxieInfinity.

Considering this is a first of more than 10 planned games in pipeline this is quite a decent start by Mobox gaming team.


The Bad-

 There are several bugs in the gameplay but I will not hold it against dev team as Alpha launch is meant to identify and iron out any defects but what really disappointed me was the reward rate. They have assigned 50,000 Mobox which are currently worth less than $50,000 for a week long event which in my view is peanuts. Considering many people have invested thousands of dollars in buying momos they are not going to be too excited about earning less than $5 in a week long running gaming campaign. The team mentioned that once the final release of the game happens they will raise the pool amount but it is not clear yet how much will be the increase and it better be a significant increase else I can foresee a major dumping of the momo NFTs by most of the users.


The Ugly-

Now I will come to the point which really turned me off. This was the way they have divided the rewards across the leaderboard. Normally when you see more than 10,000 users participating in a game you will expect that 500-1,000 will receive some rewards even if they decrease through a curve from the top 10 or top 30 but what is really annoying is that they have kept bulk of the rewards for Top10 and if you are not in Top 30 you will basically get nothing. This is going to promote a Whale centric game where only Top 10 manage to capture the majority of rewards. If they are not able to fix the reward system to even out the rate among more users this game can not dream to expand active user base and will die out once the whales decide to dump.

Overall I am still going to wait for the final game launch but if it is as disappointing as the Alpha I will move my funds to other projects with much better rewarding systems.


STRAINZ- V3 Plan modified and Generation 50 Cap ruled out

I had posted recently that a competing NFT based game called Strainz had communicated that they will stop the breeding feature for Gen50 and more NFT plants which caused a lot of users to complain that they did not know about this while buying older Generation plants. The team considered this feedback and has decided to put this change on hold. I think this is a good gesture on part of Strainz and shows they are receptive to feedback of their community.

Bullish on Strainz-

For now I am more bullish on Strainz than Mobox as Strainz offers a fixed passive income payout through which you can recover the amount you invested in buying a plant NFT in less than 30 days.

This is much better than the passive income of Mobox which has been declining steadily since last month and I think will be really negligible by next month.


DOCTOR WHO- NFT packs selling out like Hot Cakes!

In my last post I had mentioned why I was buying the special edition NFTs of Doctor Who and not the standard NFTs which had infinite supply.

In a really short span of time the limited edition packs are getting sold out. Just 2 days after I bought the Sontaran & Zygon pack it got sold out.

I had mentioned earlier why Doctor Who can be the Bitcoin of NFTs as it has the backing of BBC so we can almost be sure there will not be a rugpull or scam and even if there is a bearish trend in coming times the team will have good funding to continue.

Another good thing about Doctor Who is that you get daily rewards which you can use to buy their NFTs. I think this reward will be stopped once they get a high number of users so if you have still not joined I would really recommend you to try out their platform.

Feel free to use my referral link -


There are some other NFT based games that I am checking out like MIST and RUNE and I will soon be making a detailed post about them.

In case there is any other promising NFT based game you are aware of then do let me know.




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Written by   48
1 year ago
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