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My NFT Journey: Part #2- Made My First NFT!!

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1 year ago
Topics: WAX, NFTs, Crypto

If you missed the previous post on my NFT Journey you can find it here -

In this article I focused about why I think NFT based projects are going to be the next big thing in crypto. Specially the NFT based games and also it will provide a great opportunity to artists looking to promote their work through NFTs.


Why Did I make a NFT?

Since last week I have been closely following the work of many amateur and established artists making NFTs who share their new work on Twitter. I had been using my Wax wallet for a long time but mainly to store my Banano NFTs which were airdropped and to play AlienWorlds. I started appreciating the wide variety of artists making some really awesome NFTs very recently. It also made me realize how easy AtomicHub has made the process of selling your NFTs to a vast network of collectors at minimal processing fees.

How BNB is providing relief for small investors looking for yield farms out of ETH, AtomicHub is doing the same for small NFT artists who don’t want to pay the exorbitant ETH fees every time they put up a new NFT.

This woke up the sleeping artist inside me who had been hibernating for ages inside me. I quickly took out my sketchbook, pencil and eraser and got to work. In less than 15 minutes I had my draft sketch ready. I have always been fascinated by mythical characters and decided to pick the Greek god Zeus as the subject of my first NFT.



Is Making NFTs Really That Easy?

For anyone who has done any sketching ever than making the draft sketch on paper will not be a big ask. The real challenge begins when you start converting it into digital form and here is when I realized why professional animators are so sought after. It was way more complex than I ever imagined and I soon figured out that the pros use digital sketchbooks and Wacom tablet is the most popular variety and it can cost over $3,000 for a good model. Most serious artists use Photoshop and that also has a expensive license fee required.

As I did not want to invest so much upfront so I started to look for cheaper alternatives and figured out how to import a photo of the sketch I drew on paper. After looking for free alternates to Photoshop I saw Krita was the most recommended freeware. I had used Photoshop and Illustrator tools earlier so I was not completely clueless but it took a while to get adjusted to the commands in Krita. Basically the sketch I made in 15 mins on paper took me more than an hour to reproduce and touch up digitally. A big challenge in digital art is the limitation of creating depth. In sketch you can adjust pressure on the pencil to create effects of depth, shadow, light etc but on your laptop it gets very tricky. So despite spending so much time the digital piece was not as good as I had expected it to be. My Zeus ended up looking a bit confused rather than wrathful as I had originally intended.

For my next NFT I will do more research about how to add shadow and light effects to the figures. Anyway this is how my first NFT finally looked like.


 Is Using AtomicHub to sell NFTs Straightforward?

This is a yes and a now. Yes, the process has clear instructions to follow and the costs are negligible. You should however keep in mind that it will take you some time specially the first couple of time. Also to be considered a serious artist you will need to get whitelisted by AtomicHub which has a set of conditions to be followed.

You need to specify details about your art type and have a consistent theme. AtomicHub will review your work quality and then decide if they will whitelist you.

As I did not create a complete template set this time I could not apply for whitelisting but for next time I will keep all these conditions in mind.

Looking at my first NFT I am really doubtful I will be able to sell any of it but I will probably do some giveaways on Twitter and probably hold some as they might gain some value if in future I somehow become a great artist.

Any comments about how to improve my work are more than welcome specially any tips related to the shadow and light aspects.






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Written by   47
1 year ago
Topics: WAX, NFTs, Crypto
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Is it Zeus?

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1 year ago

Yup, you have a great eye and I am glad at least one person identified it correctly :)

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