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MOBOX Vs STRAINZ: Which Gives Better Crypto Rewards?

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1 year ago

Since the launch of CryptoKitties during the end of 2017 I had always been really fascinated by NFT based games. What was really appealing about them was that they provided a entertainment value rather than being just about technological advances or monetary gains. I would stay hooked to some of them for really long like Splinterlands which I make it a point to play at least a couple of times every week and then there are ones like Upland which I got bored of really soon and stopped playing completely after the first couple of weeks.

One limitation with most of the NFT based games was that to get any significant rewards you had to play them regularly and spend some time on daily basis if you wanted any decent earnings. This is the issue I am facing with AlienWorlds now as I really like the game concept but I feel really frustrated with the constant pop ups and the need to sign up agan and again. It is also disappointing when sometimes the mining cycle would get into a endless loop and you would need to close and restart the browser.

I always wondered if there would be any games which would reward you passively even if you did not play regularly and this is what got me all excited about MOBOX


What was Different about MOBOX?

I was really fascinated by MOBOX when I discovered it a month back and found that you could earn significant passive income by just holding your NFTs as they had not yet launched their game. The income from the games are expected to be even higher than the passive income but currently it is not clear how complex the games would be and how much time or skills would be required to earn from the games.

I did a detailed post earlier on MOBOX so I would not go too much into details. In case you missed that post you can access it here -


What is the limitation of MOBOX?

MOBOX had decided to split a fixed set of token to all it’s users so initially this was a huge amount but as more and more users are joining the project this payout is getting smaller and smaller each day. Hopefully this would be countered by launch of their first game end of this month but it is still not clear how entertaining this game would be and what would be needed to earn rewards through it.


This is When I Came Across STRAINZ!

STRAINZ is quite similar to MOBOX regarding the fact that it pays you daily passive income for just holding your NFT based plants. You also have the option to breed new NFTs from the NFTs you are holding which would involve a breeding cost which will depend on how valuable your NFTs are.

This is basically built upon the model of CryptoKitties but you get passive income for just holding your NFTs. They recently saw an inflation when some whales started flooding their marketplace with newly minted NFT plants so they have introduced several new measures to counter this inflation. First they have introduced a halvening mechanism similar to Bitcoin which will cause their native token to have deflation to control it’s price. They have also put a limit on which NFTs can be used to breed new NFTs and how many times.

These changes will be implemented by 20th May and I expect this to cause a pump in demand and price of STRAINZ tokens.


If you want to have a look at how to navigate their site you can check the video below, and if you know any other similar NFT games where you can earn passively do let me know in the comments.







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1 year ago
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