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MOBOX: This NFT Game is All Set to Explode!!

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1 year ago

Last week I came across a new NFT based game platform that really caught my attention. Now before you say that there are 100 new NFT projects popping up every day let me clarify that I personally am very cautious of the NFT mania that has gripped the market so I am very selective about the NFT projects I get involved with. If I see that a certain project is just pumping the prices of their NFTs based on mass speculation I stay away from it.

The reason I am so excited about MOBOX is that they have a clear roadmap about how they plan to grow their platform and their different categories have clear value points on which their price is based upon.

Through this article I will be detailing what are the specific differentiating factors in this project that sets it apart from other NFT projects out there. This should only be taken as a guide to understand the project better and not as blind financial advise. As always DYOR before making any decision for yourself and if you have any doubts feel free to let me know in the comments.


How Exactly is their Platform Structured?

You can access the platform at, and the landing page will show link to mint their native NFTs called Momos under the section “MOMO Farmer” and a set of basic games under the section “Trade Action”.

They also have games planned where you can use your MOMOs to play and they are called “Token Master” and “Block Brawler”. These are currently under development and will be launched soon.

You can see that their TVL is already more than $250 M, which is incredible for a project launched just a few weeks back.


How Do I Purchase the MOMO NFTs?

Currently there are 2 options available to purchase the NFTs, the first is by adding to their liquidity pools and harvesting KEY tokens which can be used to unlock a random NFT and the other option is purchasing the NFTs directly through the Market section.

If you decide to participate in the liquidity pools you will notice that the pool with their native MBOX token with BNB has the highet reward rate of close to 600% but it also has higher Impermanent Loss risk associated. There are several other pools available with BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD to stake and they offer in the range of 100%-120%.


If you go to the market you can purchase the NFTs directly without having to wait for the KEYs to generate through the liquidity pools. In the LP option you might have to wait longer but the risk is less as you are generating free KEYs through the tokens you pool, in the Market you are buying the NFTs directly but exposing your funds to the risk of fluctuations in price of NFTs. I am planning to hold long term so I purchase directly from the market as it gives me flexibility of what kind of MOMOs I want to purchase. You can decide which option to choose depending on your risk appetite.


What are the Different Types of MOMOs Available?

The MOMOs are available in different categories like Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare, Epic and Legendary. While all categories except Legendary are already available for trade in Market, it has been communicated that Legendary MOMOs will only be given out through special events.

The table below specifies the characteristics of each MOMO type. As you can see that the generation rate of Rare and Epic (Extraordinary) is much lower than Common, Uncommon and Unique they are much more harder to get so much more expensive in the market.

Currently you can get Common, Uncommon and Unique for about $100 a piece while Rare starting price is around $2,000 and can go up to even $10,000 if it has been upgraded to a higher level.

Epic starts around $10,000 and I have some even being sold for $66,000. As they are so hard to get I think they would get even more expensive as the game develops further.

I expect a significant pump in Rare and Epic MOMOs in the coming months as they have a big advantage over other categories that they can be upgraded to higher Mining Has Rates while Common, Uncommon and Unique can not be upgraded and their hash rate remains fixed.

You can have different strategies to buy MOMOs but I feel that Rare and Epic have the highest potential to grow so couple of days back I picked up a Rare MOMO for $2,000. It is already worth $4,000 in the market now but I plan to hold it long term.


What do I do with the MOMOs I Bought?

There have not been any games launched yet where you can use your MOMOs to gain rewards. It is expected to be launched during summers this year but while you are waiting for the game launch you can use your MOMOs to mine the native MBOX tokens.

The Rare MOMO which I have is earning me about $50 a day of MBOX. This rate will drop as more and more people buy MOMOs and put their NFTs for staking but I think as the games will get launched the MOMOs can be used to generate more rewards through gameply and the mining I feel is a great way to earn rewards even when you are not using your MOMOs or playing regularly.

One great functionality of Rare and Epic MOMOs is that they can be upgraded to higher Mining Hash power by combining with other common/uncommon MOMOs. This is the reason why I am bullish on holding Rare MOMOs as their value can regularly be enhanced, and more you upgrade the higher passive income you get by staking.

The chart below shows how the hash power of my MOMO increase with each level upgrade.


Why I am Long Term Bullish on MOBOX?

The platform is still in very early stages and I think how far it grows will depend a lot on how entertaining their games are so people enjoy playing them regularly and see the benefit of holding MOMOs. Why I am really bullish already is that they are so far progressing well on their roadmap and the passive income generated through mining is a big bonus. It gives a strong incentive to hold the MOMOs and wait for the games to develop.

Once the game launches and if people find them enjoyable I think their userbase will just explode and the base rates for the MOMOs will quickly pump to 10-20X values.

I hope this post gives you an overview about how the platform is structured. I will be doing more detailed posts about what strategies I am using to purchase and upgrade my MOMOs.

I am including a video below if you want to see how navigating through the portal looks like at the moment and how I upgraded my Rare MOMO today.

Let me know what you feel about this game and if you are aware of any similar NFT games which are worth checking out.

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Written by   47
1 year ago
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