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CryptoBlades: How to Earn $100 Daily with this NFT Game!

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The crypto markets in general have been really stagnant over the last couple of months. The FUD related to upcoming bans expected in China are adding more pressure on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There is however one sector in the crypto space which has been booming at an incredible pace recently. This is the NFT area and more specifically the NFT Gaming projects.


Why are NFT Games pumping so Hard?

Despite the overall sideways movement in crypto markets the majority of NFT Games have witnessed incredible growth during last few weeks. A major contributing factor to this has been the rising popularity of Axie Infinity. This game is rapidly expanding it’s userbase all over the world. This is driven primarily due to the attractive Play to Earn feature which is significantly high and in many developing countries people have left their day jobs as they are earning more by playing 6-8 hours daily of Axie.

This has also generated a lot of interest all new NFT games as entering Axie now will cost about $900 - $1,200 as you need a minimum of 3 Axies to play. People are now looking for the next NFT game which can prove to be as successful as Axie. There has been so much speculation that many people are blindly pushing money into projects that don’t even have a whitepaper yet, let alone a working Play to Earn model established.


Why CryptoBlades has Grown 3,000% in 1 Week?

At the time of writing this article on 18th July the price of SKILL token which is the native currency of CryptoBlades is hovering over $40 which is over 30X in a span of 1 week.

This is much higher than other competing NFT games which have pumped mostly in the range of 5X to 10X. The main reason for that is that the rate of rewards currently being offered by CryptoBlades is probably the best in the market, even better than Axie Infinity.


How Much Can I Earn Daily by Playing CryptoBlades?

To start playing CryptoBlades you will need to buy a NFT warrior which will cost close to 5 Skill tokens which is currently $200 and you will need to buy a Sword to fight the opponents which costs a little under 1 Skill token so about $40.

You need a minimum of 1 Warrior + 1 Sword to play and the maximum you can store is 4 Warriors and there is no limit on the number of Swords as you can forge multiple swords together to create a stronger sword.

This means you need to invest $240 to $960 to start playing, depending on how many Warriors you decide to start with which can be between 1 to 4.

Now let’s come to the interesting part about how much can you expect to earn daily.

There is an energy timer of each warrior which slowly keeps getting regenerated every 5 mins. The maximum limit of energy bar is 200 and each fight consumes 40 points, which means you can fight a maximum of 5 times at one go with each warrior. What you earn from each fight will depend on the current level of a Warrior. I currently have a level 27 Warrior that is about an average level and he earns about 0.2 Skill tokens per fight which is roughly $8, considering 5 fights it will be $40. Assuming you decide to stock up on 4 warriors then your daily earning would be $160.

You need to keep in consideration that you might lose some of these fights depending on the level of your warrior and strength of your sword and some amount of luck as well.

On an average you can expect to earn $40 (1Skill token) per day per warrior.


Is It too Late to Join CryptoBlades?

You must be wondering that it might be too late to start CryptoBlades if you have not yet joined as this has already done 30X in a week. Of course you need to DYOR before making any decision but my recommendation based on my experience so far is that this game still has a huge potential to grow. If you are thinking long term then you can still get started with this game. That said it might be wise to wait for a correction to make an entry as any coin that pumps so much so fast is bound to have some correction in near term.


Let me know if there are any other NFT games you have been playing which give worthwhile rewards.




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Written by   47
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