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Crypto Prophecies: Claim your $5 bTCP Tokens!

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One common recurring pattern that you will see again and again in the crypto space is deluge of copycats. Whenever someone comes up with a winning formula it will soon be followed by an endless array of duplicate projects. We saw this when the Uniswap model was successfully copied by SushiSwap and PancakeSwap. What followed was hundreds of blind copies everyweek from which 90% did not survive more than a few weeks.

The same phenomenon is now occurring in the NFT Gaming area. The success of CryptoKitties inspired the developers of Axie Infinity to come up with a project with enhanced gaming features and more streamlined earning potential for the users. The popularity of the game spread like wildfire. This popularity has also led to the creation of 100 copycat games that are blindly copying the Axie model hoping to grow a similar userbase. In my opinion the majority of these projects are destined to fail as if you are not adding any real value to what Axie is already providing there is no way you will be able to sustain long term. You might get an initial burst due to FOMO by people who missed out on Axie but if you plan to survive you will have to offer something new.


What is Special about Crypto Prophecies?

What separates Crypto Prophecies from the other NFT based games is that they have a unique gameplay planned. They are not copying Axie by creating a gameplay where you compete your 3 NFTs against a set of opponents.

They are designing a set of NFTs called Satoshian Crypto Prophets who will compete with other prophets in predicting the price movements through candle stick pattern analysis.

The project is in really early stages so they have not shared too much details yet but it is clear that to succeed in this game you would need some knowledge of basic technical analysis (TA).

I see this as a Win-Win situation as the users who are good at TA will naturally earn more and those who are not very familiar with TA will eventually improve their TA skills by regularly playing this game which will in turn help them in real life trading as well.  


Who is Backing this Project?

When you look at the list of their partners and you see Metamask, Polygon/Matic, Chainlink you immediately realize that they plan to make this game interoperable across multiple chains. They are also partnering with OpenSea which measn their NFTs will be easily tradeable with other players.

They are also partnering with several fund managers so they are prepared for the long term and have put efforts in thinking through their long term strategy.


What is their Roadmap?

They are at the earliest stage on their roadmap and have just designed a beta environment for their project and are currently working on NFT pre-sales which includes airdrops and giveaways to early adopters.

The next steps would be to deploy Play to Earn models through PVP and PVE options. They also have plan to introduce staking features for their NFTs and native tokens.

Further down the road in 2022 they will introduce team based battles as well.


What’s the Tokenomics?

There will be a maximum supply of 250 million of their native TCP tokens of which 33% will be given out through private sales and 30% will be locked for liquidity rewards through staking.

They are giving out a fair share through their marketing campaign and their Telegram group already has more than 100,000 subscribers which shows that they are already getting very popular despite being so early in their plan


Want to Try Out and Collect $5 Bonus tokens?

If this game sounds interesting to you and you want to try it out for yourself then feel free to use my referral link below which will get you $5 of their TCP tokens once the game launches.

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 Referral code - ba5da3f1

Let me know if there are any other NFT games you have been playing which you think have the potential to grow substantially over the coming years.




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Written by   47
1 year ago
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