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Crypto & Minimalism – Part #1

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2 years ago

Why Crypto?

People get attracted to crypto for several different reasons. It could be dreams of a luxurious life which involved driving around in a Lamborghini basking in the warmth of your neighbors’ envy, or saving up for emergency fund, being fed up with the socio-economic structure of your government, diversifying your asset portfolio, hustle for a extra side income or escaping from the traps of 9 to 6 life, or it could be a combination of multiple reasons.

I am not here to judge which is the right way or which is the wrong way. Through this post I just wanted to share what is my personal approach.


What Drives Me?

My interest in the crypto world started to grow about 3 years from now when the news was filled with what a crazy bull run Bitcoin was having and how everyone decided to join the fun and how the following crash affected people differently. While some made their resolve in crypto even strong and some decided that crypto was a scam and swore to stay away for the rest of their lives. At the same time I had started experimenting with Minimalism.


What is Minimalism?

Minimalism doesn’t have a clear definition and can mean different things to different people. At the core it involves simplifying your life to basic necessities. Cutting out the materialist wants that are cluttering our minds. This provides clarity to the mind about what really is important to lead a more fulfilling life. My attachment to minimalism was driven by my growing delusion with my 9 to 6 corporate life. I had found myself trapped in a vicious cycle of slogging at my work with the sole purpose of earning more money and then spending that money on buying products which was just a means to convince myself that all the grind was getting me some rewards. Slowly my life was getting cluttered with unnecessary things which I was collecting just for the short-term dopamine hits to please my mind.


Crypto and Minimalism together?

Just as I wondering how can I escape from this never-ending cycle of 9 to 6 slavery, crypto came as a means to achieve this arduous feat. As I started following Minimalism my frivolous expenses were getting cut which meant extra savings at the end of each month. This I started channeling towards slowly accumulating Bitcoin. I am a Bitcoin maximalist as for me stability is most important in an asset and I am not running after a 100X magic altcoin which will make me rich instantly. With time I did start researching about more crypto projects but the only other project I have invested significantly besides Bitcoin is Ethereum I have however collected several alts and tokens during the last year mainly through airdrops, article bounties and participating on platforms like Publish0x, Uptrennd, Crowdholding. LBRY is the latest platform I have started taking seriously.


What Next?

With each passing week and month my conviction in crypto is growing and the growing political and economic turmoil this year driven by COVID19 situation and the looming recession/depression has made it even more solid. I plan to continue investing in BTC and ETH and continue collecting tokens from the platforms I am active in. In the future I will try adding more stablecoins specially DAI to my portfolio to protect myself from market swings when I start moving away from fiat to crypto. Honestly speaking this had looked like an impossible dream a few years ago, but now it feels more and more closer and achievable with each passing day.

Stay tuned for next parts of this story where I will talk about which people and which books had a pivotal role in shaping my crypto + minimalist mindset.  


STAY SAFE! From Coronavirus and from Crypto Whales!





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Written by   48
2 years ago
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