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Seven reasons , why i love poetry

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1 year ago

This is the era of the Digital Age, which means that most young people and adults enjoy the 140-character communication format. All of us are using Facebook to express what we love. This has removed our attention from the value of poetry,  Poetry introduces us to the wonder of simplicity, of elegance, of the use of our senses, and understanding.

1. Developmental education

But poetry will help them to bring together different worlds to create a rhythm and improve their cognitive comprehension of loads of words. It also allows children to learn the art of speech through words.

2. The Improvement of Skills

Poetry has a great influence on your voice, writing, and comprehension.

Poetry is a perfect way to improve your talents so that you can get the most out of your talents.

3. THERAPY for The Readers

Poetry is also a wonderful therapy that helps you understand and express your emotions and thoughts.

4. Therapeutic for the reader

If you find it difficult to express yourself, you should read poetry to strengthen your way of speaking.

5. The Meaning of the Term

As far as style is concerned, poetry can be based on short but strong phrases. If you read poetry, you can appreciate the value of a variety of words and how they can be used to create meaningful sentences.

6. To understand the people

Today, it's hard for people to understand each other. Frustration is the product of misunderstandings or miscommunication. On the other hand, poetry will help people develop their ability to understand others

You also learn to be more patient and to accept others.

7. You understand yourself.You could have found yourself in a position where nobody seems to understand.

No, these are some of the 

Few compelling reasons why you may want to start reading and writing poetry today. Hope this will help you use poetry to achieve your inner peace and lead a better life in addition to helping others?

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1 year ago
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Hi Sam22, Here's the moderator of the community (short)stories/tales. What you wrote is not a tale which means I can not approve it. You came up with an interesting list about what poetry means to you. Personally I doubt poetry will bring people closer since poetry is what most hate but who knows this is an eye-opener.

I suggest you to submit this to the community The creative world

Good luck 🍀

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1 year ago