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Getting rid of social phobia means eliminating the fear of talking with people, and trusting that you are a social person, and this includes many methods, but it depends on your desire to overcome the disease of social phobia.

Accept that you are human and we all make mistakes

Social phobia treatment

Do not be upset if you make some mistakes while dealing with the world, because all the world makes mistakes, do not make any mistake diminish your value. What will happen if you make a mistake or hopefully not fit, does that mean that you will become a social outcast? Will the other person think you are stupid? Of course not, even if you think about it, it is not important, the important thing is your confidence.

Breathe deeply when you make mistakes

Research has shown that it is helpful to take a deep breath and focus on how you breathe to relieve tension and anxiety and give you more positive emotions. If you are in a midwife or anywhere else and made a mistake unintentionally, do not stress, take your time and take a deep breath.

Let the positive thoughts dominate you

Focus only on being competent, good, and socially distinguished, move away from negative thoughts that tell you that you are not fit, and tell yourself that you can meet people and make them interact with you and your subjects, as similitude attracts the likeness, these thoughts are useful in getting rid of social phobia.

Search online for associations that help eliminate social phobia

There are many associations and institutions that help treat many psychological problems and contribute to the treatment of social phobia, an example of these institutions is the Toastmasters International Foundation, which is an institution that works to treat social phobia and raise self-confidence by creating meetings with the therapist and with patients.

The importance of eye and physical contact in the treatment of social phobia

It is useful and there is importance for training and accustoming yourself to looking into the eyes of others, whether you are in a public session or receiving a lecture or you are with your friends, this gives a good impression of you and creates an atmosphere of communication and understanding with the other person.

When you talk and look down or move the eyes and head too much, the listeners will become dissatisfied with you and lose their enthusiasm for communicating and listening to you.

Challenging specific fears is important in treating social phobia

When you are afraid of something, you may overestimate the likelihood of bad situations occurring. Be clear to yourself, list your specific fears that prevent you from eliminating social phobia, and then directly challenge them by identifying potential and alternative outcomes and any evidence supporting each concern or potential for the feared outcome. .

Find out what you want to talk about

Especially in the event that you have your graduation project or you have a specific occasion or you have to give a speech, understand what you want to talk, and show great interest in the topic, the more you are interested in the topic and the content of the topics you want to talk about, the error rate decreases or is absent, and if a certain mistake occurs, you can Get it right quickly. Additionally, list questions your listeners might ask and the answer to each question.

The importance of training yourself to deliver a speech

Ask your friends who you feel comfortable with or one of your family members and train to deliver the speech and talk to them, as it may break the fear barrier and contribute to the elimination of social phobia, or cast in front of you the mirror while noting the gestures, style, movement and focus of the eyes.

You can also record a video of you giving a speech or meeting people and watching yourself well and with attention to mistakes and the need to avoid them, and with every video you shoot, notice the change and development in your self-confidence, all of which are important in the treatment of social phobia.

Medicines to treat social phobia

  • If treatment doesn't relieve your symptoms, your doctor may prescribe one of several medications used to treat anxiety disorders.

  • Beta blockers are commonly used to treat high blood pressure and some heart disorders. They can also be helpful in controlling symptoms associated with social phobia.

  • Antidepressants are used to treat depression, but they also can be effective in controlling social anxiety.

  • If your anxiety is severe and affects your daily life, your doctor may prescribe benzodiazepines such as Ativan or Xanax.

Communicate with a psychiatrist

Many people are able to overcome social phobia through cognitive behavioral therapy. Working with a therapist can help you determine the root cause of your anxiety. For example, you may discover that you fear ridicule, rather than speak up, because you were mocked as a child. Together, you and your therapist explore your fears and the negative thoughts that accompany them. Your therapist can teach you ways to reframe any positive thoughts.

Finally, treating social phobia requires only confidence and a little patience, then you will advance in overcoming it and transform into a socially special person.

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