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Check the differences between Apple iPad 8 and iPad 7; Which tablet should you buy?

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1 year ago

Apple iPad 8 and iPad 7 | The affordable iPad of 2020 has finally been introduced and now it's time to compare this tablet with the previous generation to see if it is worth buying or not.

Given that the appearance of these two products is largely the same, what exactly is the difference between them? In the following, we will compare these two affordable tablets to find the answer to this question and see if the new iPad 2020 is worth buying or not.

Performance improvements

The most important change in this new economic iPad is that it is equipped with the A12 Bionic chip, which was also used in the iPhone XS series phones. Thanks to this powerful chip, the CPU and GPU performance of the iPad 8 has been improved by 40% and 50% compared to the previous generation. It should be noted that the iPad 2019 uses the A10 Fusion chip, which belongs to 2016.

While the 2019 iPad still works, the newer model is a more forward-looking product. This new model is also more suitable for heavy work such as video editing, making music or playing heavy games.

Similar displays

The display is the same on both tablets; A 10.2-inch LCD display with large margins around it. There is also a significant gap between the display glass and the display panel itself. So while using the Apple Pencil you will have a strange feeling that will not be very pleasant. Of course, many users do not realize this.

If we want to look closely at the screen of these two tablets, we must say that the aspect ratio of the iPad 8 is 1.08% higher than the aspect ratio of the iPad 7. So if you are looking for a better display, you will be disappointed with the purchase of iPad 8. Of course, we must say that the display of this tablet is still sharp and high quality, but the display on the iPad 2019 offers the same quality.

Identical cameras

Yes, this part has remained unchanged. Of course, tablets are not equipped with amazing cameras at all. Both affordable iPads feature a 1.2-megapixel Safi camera capable of capturing 720 x 1280 HD videos. The back panel of both tablets also has an 8-megapixel camera that can record videos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Software and peripherals

Both tablets now use the iPadOS 14 operating system, but as the iPad 8 is equipped with more powerful hardware, it will receive more updates in the coming years. We must also say that the A12 Bionic chip performs so well that it will not show any slowdown for the next 3 or 4 years.

The iPad 7 and iPad 8 will be perfect for students, as both tablets support the Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard. These tablets are perfect for things like video conferencing and article writing.

Coloring and memory options

Unfortunately, Apple has not been generous in this regard at all and has launched the iPad 8 just like the previous generation with 32 GB of internal memory. Of course, if you pay $ 100 more, you can buy the 256 GB iPad 8 model.

As you know, none of the Apple iPads support the microSD card slot. The color options are still gray, silver and gold. Meanwhile, the iPad Air 4 has more attractive colors.


We can say that the main advantage of the iPad 8 over the iPad 7 is its more powerful internal hardware. Things like design, display, speakers and cameras are exactly the same on these two tablets. Both tablets also support the Apple Pencil and smart keyboard, making them suitable for students.

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Written by   26
1 year ago
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