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By the blessing of which a Muslim lives and by the mercy of which a Muslim expects salvation in the end, we have only for a week at the provincial level commemorated this great being in whose name we Had built the country and while reciting Durood we paid our dues and finished.

Like all of you Muslims, I also remember Sarkar Do Jahan, but such celebrations make me think that maybe we have birthdays or like the British have given different names to different days of the year and attributed it to someone. This is Father's Day, Children's Day, Sisters have reserved a day for their daughters. Nowhere in the Western culture has there been a remembrance of an entity like no other human being in human history. With the name of we have the honor, the identity and the significance.

Despite their misdeeds, the powerful nations of the West are trying to wipe us out because they are afraid that this broken wire may become perfect again. In the past, no superpower in the world lasted for more than a few hundred years, but the Muslim superpower ended about fourteen hundred years later. In the third decade of the nineteenth century, the sun set in Istanbul and all this apparently happened at his own hands.

Celebrations were held at the official level across Punjab on the occasion of Shan-e-Rahmat-ul-Ulameen. Naat recitation and beautiful recitation competitions were held. Samples of Naat Kalam were also published and Naats were also presented at the gatherings. I personally get ecstatic about a few old Naats. I remember a Natya poem of the poet Hazrat Khurshid Rizvi. This Naat may also have been recited in these gatherings.

Think about it and get lost in thought

If you think of Naat, be quiet

The same thing about Mirza Ghalib's helplessness that only his caste knows his status.

Ghalib Sanae Khawaja 2 Yazdan Gazashtam

This is the pure essence of Muhammad

That is, Ghalib, we have entrusted the praise of the eunuch that he is the pure caste who knows the status of Muhammad. If a person is a Muslim, he is lost in the memory of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at every moment and lives his life on it. No Muslim government has the words to justify its personal impressions of the two worlds. I am one of the millions of lucky ones who presented their objects in front of the nets of Roza Mubarak with trembling bodies and broken statements.

God forbid, I had such an hour or the Holy Prophet (pbuh) took pity on my helplessness that the presence of this great and mean sinful man was also accepted. The statement that whoever sees me, I see him, God knows how the Holy Prophet saw me in the state in which he blessed me. I have written before and now I submit that Syed Sarfraz Shah Sahib called me to his house. This was my first meeting with him and it was also apparently happening through a secular friend Ahmed Bashir.

Shah Sahib said, "I have called you to give a message that you stood in front of the nets on the Holy Shrine some time ago and accepted the offerings you had made, thinking that the Lord was watching you." Have been taken. I was shocked, shocked, and jealous of my own good fortune. I can't say how many people will have this award.

What happened inside me after this soulful and great good news of life of Mr. Sarfraz Shah Sahib, this is my personal matter. After that, whenever I met Shah Sahib, he always said that now there is no fraction left, recite Durood on your good fortune. Similarly, a journalist colleague of mine also told me in the meeting to recite Durood as much as possible. I did not ask him, nor did he explain why he had given me this advice in the second meeting.

We all Pakistanis are worried about the situation in our country and keep looking for the reasons for the decline. I personally think that the main reason for this is that at the time of the establishment of Pakistan, we had promised God and the Holy Prophet that we have got the country for you and we will try our best to follow your path and this Make it a country from which the cold wind came, but sadly we have to say that we have grown up in a secular world.

There is no shortage of non-Muslim countries in the world but the difference between them and us is that we made this promise not only that we are not secular Muslims but also because we broke that promise. No America or Russia had made such a promise to God and the Prophet, they did not believe in it. I think we are being punished for breaking that promise. There is a reaction to this act and act of disloyalty as we have been getting and getting in the case of bad governments. However, if we look at our collars, we will find the answer to our every question.

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