Etiquette of greeting

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πŸŒ·β€‹How are you all my friends I hope all of you happy and enjoying


⏩​ Etiquette of greeting βͺ

β–Ά Salam is an Arabic word meaning peace, well-being and goodwill. When al-lam is added to it to make it salam, its meaning will expand. But that would mean all kinds of security. Whether it is the security of religion and faith with life and property or the security of honor and dignity with health and well-being and peace and prosperity.

β–ΆThe importance and virtue of saying al-salam alaikum is mentioned in the Qur'an and hadith, but we can rightly say that for the first time in Islam, it was customary for a Muslim to express his attachment and happiness whenever he meets another Muslim brother. Say hello to. By saying these words, you give the impression to your visitor that Allah Almighty may bless you with the security and well-being of the Haram, may Allah keep your life and property safe, may you keep your house and house safe, may your religion and faith be safe, may the world be safe Peace be upon you and peace be upon you in the Hereafter.

β–Ά May Allah bless you with the blessings that I know and the blessings that I do not know. Do not feel any fear from me. My behavior will not hurt either.

β–Ά In response to these words, another Muslim brother will do so with the addition of the words of Walikum-ul-Salam and Rehmat-ul-Allah. It also has the same meaning, but it is also prayed for God's mercy that I wish you well.

β–Ά Etiquette of Salam In the light of Qur'an and Sunnah, we should take care of the following etiquette.

1) When one of you meets his other brother, greet him.

2) Always greet someone in an Islamic way while talking or corresponding. Avoid other words and practices common in society.

3) Greet every Muslim. Whether or not there is a pre existing relationship.

4) Greet the little ones. This is great way to teach kids. When Hazrat Anas bin Malik passed by the children, he greeted them and said, "The Messenger of Allah used to do the same."

5) Make it a habit to greet as much as possible, that love grows with greetings.

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