A good student

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Just as a child has a relationship with his own parents, so does a teacher and student have a relationship. Just as children are taught to talk to their parents, to get up and sit down, so the teacher teaches them how to live in the world and to know right from wrong. That is why we should all respect the teacher as much as we respect our parents. It is the duty of a student to always be honest with his teacher.

By the way, a good student is not born good, but he becomes capable and good by living with good people and getting a good education and then he becomes a good student. A good student is known to work hard all the time, and by going beyond that hard work over and over again, his hard work turns into success.

Good students understand the importance of getting up in the morning. Therefore, they never waste their benefit by sleeping late in the morning. They always fall asleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. Exercise that morning They also do and eat good food which keeps their mind fresh and healthy.

* A good disciple always speaks the truth and the disciple who always speaks the truth moves forward in life. Because he who tells a lie tells ten more lies to cover up one lie. Therefore, he can never move forward in life and never succeed.

*A good student has great respect for his teacher and always obeys him. Isasha is very dear to the teacher.

*A good student always carries his friends with him. He never thinks of his knowledge and goes on to do good for the country.

* A good student always speaks with knowledge. Always busy with his work and always brings first class. He always reads good books.

* A good student always does everything on time. Eats on time, goes to school on time and plays on time.

* To be a good student we need our parents and In order to be a good student, we must read the literature of our parents, teachers and elders. Because our elders always ask us to work for our benefit.

* A good student should never fight and always be kind to others and take care of others. Knowledge books should always be read. A good student should respect everyone. The elders must be served. In addition, one should stay away from bad company and go to school every day.

*Only a good student can succeed in life. Because a good student has such an ability from childhood that he can easily face all kinds of difficulties in life and from childhood he keeps thinking about his goal. And he goes on to achieve success in life.

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