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Receipt in real life (2021)

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4 months ago

If the 2021 reckoning of receipts and non-receipts could be sorted out, perhaps a Nobel could be written. The virtual world covers most of the receipt-receipt accounts. But I'm not going to talk about the virtual world today. In the last 12 months of 2021, I have not achieved anything in real life. And the reason for not having that achievement in real life is Covid-19. Because of the Covid-19 I've been home for the last 9 months of the last 12 months. I was busy with my mobile or laptop for at least 10 to 11 hours a day.

200+ movies:

When I first started watching movies, I made a list of the movies I started watching. But later, for some reason, I lost the movie list. I wrote the names of a total of 172 movies in that list. After watching each movie, I would write the name of the movie in that list. I was in various movie groups on Facebook. I used to watch those movies after seeing the reviews of different movies in those groups. If I were to write the names of some of my favorite movies in 2022, I would say Jhon Wick, Rambo, Survival movies including Cast away. Most of the time I like Hollywood movies more than Bollywood movies. Because Bollywood movies are always overrated and unrealistic. I skipped the horror movie because of sleeping paralysis at night. Horror movies were one of my favorite movies. Especially the Siccin and Hypocrites series.

Movie Series-

I didn't like movie series much before. But watching reviews of various TV series in the Movie Lover group on Facebook gave birth to a curiosity in my mind. First of all let's start watching the famous TV series Game of Thrones. After watching so many episodes and series, at first it is doubtful that watching so many series and episodes is boring. I entered the world of movie addiction after watching the first episode. He became addicted to this TV series from the first episode. Each episode makes you feel a different kind of attraction. Let's finish about 8 series and 72 episodes one by one. Which took me just a month to finish. I don't skip any scenes while watching a movie, which takes so long. After watching Game of Thrones, I followed the Vikings, at the end of the f ****** World, Money Heist, squid game, and some more TV series. If I were told which of the TV series I liked the most, I would say "all the TV series are the best in their own right", but all in all I liked the game-of-thrones and Money Heist the most.

Football Tournament -

Since I was at home for Covid-19 this year, my highest achievement this year was participating in a school football tournament for my school-batch. The letter is an honorable thing for me. Because I had never played football with my school batch mates before. But I can say that I have never seen so many friends together since 2014 because of this football tournament. After Tarun 2014, we all moved from school to different institutions. In the beginning I played three games in the group stage of the football tournament, and in all three games I played 90 minutes. I came on the field as a midfielder and defender so I never got a chance to score as a striker. But I assisted for two goals. Although we are the favorite team in that tournament, unfortunately we got out of the tournament because of the draw of the last match.

Towards the end of 2021, a big achievement is to have a lot of fun with cousins ​​at the end of the year. Thanks to Auntie's wedding, all of us cousins ​​got together which is possible once in 10 years. Everyone went to different places which was the funniest part of the year.

This is it, thank you :)

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Written by   75
4 months ago
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Okay, what happened in 2021 that you couldn't achieve, 2022 is waiting for you, do something good. This has happened to everyone because of Covid-19. Come on, I think you've seen some good movies.

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4 months ago