Is Cashrain the reason of my twitter account got suspended?

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2 months ago

Hey! Whassap guys?

I'm so disappointed and announcing that, my Twitter account Mr. BCH got suspended two days ago. It's so bad feelings you know. I have been using my twitter account for so long time. It's approximately 3 years old account. My account 100% dedicated to BitcoinCash and my all content was about BCH. My account contain 2143 tweets in this 3 years. I have some good memes on BCH, some good retweets, some important messages.

I also used my twitter account for Cashrain. Yes! Twitter count Cashrain as a third party app.

Although I'm using my twitter account for cashrain for a long time but never encounter any trouble. For the first time, when I logged intomy account saw zero followers! That's crazy, how did it happened and find out my twitter account got suspended.

I appeal X team and told them what's the possible reason for the suspension? Look what they reply

Multiple violation? Seriously? They never warned me. I read all the rules of X and try to find out what's the possible reason for my account's suspension. Let's find out?

  • I didn't tweet for a long time, all I tweet is repost of other's post. So it doesn't count as spam? Right?

  • I reposted other's post twice or three times in a day, so it's normal? I guess so. And this one is not possible reason.

  • I didn't broke other rules so.. You know that

  • Final point is, my twitter account connected with only one 3rd party app cashrain, and it's maybe illegal?

So what I can say that, cashrain is only reason which responsible for my twitter account's suspension.

But, I'm thankful to Cashrain! <3 because this Cashrain helped in my bad situation, cashrain fill my tusion fees, cashrain is the only reason I can dream to be millionaire by holding one BCH!

Cashrain helped me like and helped me. I will create another account and connect with cashrain. Haha

Thank you :)

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2 months ago


Users who doing only retweets on cashrain demand coming in suspecting bot account which going to ban. Users who are tweeting their own tweets, commenting and liking too , their accounts are Safe.

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2 months ago

I did comments, quote but tweeted less

My bad!

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2 months ago