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After receiving the message from the first client, my heart start beating and played 12 hours of my own account, how to remedy this and how to deal with the client all the time?

When I started working in 2018, maybe I was a bad seller because I tried my best to do bad work at a lower price: D

There were a lot of clients whom I was threatening to tell that this is how it works and this is how you have to take this service. Do you understand more than me?

Foolish clients would always accept me for fear of aggression and he would never come to work with me again in his life.

But the exact opposite is true of you. When you first get a message in the marketplace, I understand very well the excitement and excitement.

A star who gives a message very early, tension about what to write in the message, if it is a little late, the client may have gone away and many more critical thoughts are swirling in his head.

In the throes of excitement, the buyer does not understand what to say. The biggest problem is rushing to take an order or taking an order without consulting the client and then if the client is bad then give bad feedback or cancel the work.

And this is a fatal mistake for you. Moreover, those who are doing old work also make this mistake once a month and because of this the bank on your side loses and the amount of work available decreases.

Now I don't mean to imply that as soon as you talk to a client you will understand what the client's temperament is like.

There must be a rule for working in this world and there is also a rule for how to do the work. I work, I got the job, I will work now, this idea is a wrong idea.

Suppose you get a job and work then the client is not happy in any way and he may give you either bad feedback or cancel the job then in two ways you are harmed.

If the new profile has a bad feedback, then it is better to give up the hope of getting a job in that profile. Just wasting time and turning yourself into a despair.

If the client cancels your job then another problem is that you may lose rank for 60 days.

So what's the use of this excitement and haste, brother?

It's been two months since I sat down and licked my fingers or posted in the group. Why can't I get a job?

So whenever you get a new job or get any job, you have to start working by completing two things. So what are these two things?

The first is to justify yourself whether you are qualified for the job. The second is to justify the client whether the client is worthy of you. And two things can be done together

The process that I will now say is a process I have tested and I have run this test on different skills and it has been used 98% of the time.

As soon as a client gives you a message, check his profile first.

If you are a new seller, first check the age of the account that the buyer knocked you. If he is new then your risk is less because he is less likely to be a client.

According to Fiber's algorithm, Fiber shows the new buyer the gigs of the new seller.

But keep in mind that since Bayan is new, you have to explain everything, they usually don't know anything about fiber.

Now there are some buyers who have created an account long ago but have not done any work and they are very risky buyers.

Why are they so experienced?

The fact of the matter is that those who have created a Fiber account a long time ago but do not have a job review do not mean that they did not work.

It may be that he has canceled the job in some way or the other as soon as he has done each job so there is no job review in his account.

If the buyer is an Asia country, then it must be noted that the buyer falls in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Israel and other developing countries. Because the people of this country are very bittersweet and you know it: D

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. If the client is working with a seller and has a review, check with that boy's ID to see how much the client has worked with that boy for a minimum of dollars and what reviews he has given to that seller.

Then it will be easier to understand what the buyer is like! Now these are a basic idea of ​​how you can understand the client's work ethic.

Suppose you do not understand the nature of the client, but what to do? Both the client and you have to justify and the first rule to justify is to get along with the client.

Now it is a matter of whether Naira will wear a patch or talk about work, that is the main issue.

I would say talk to him and lengthen the conversation with him. See her first message and ask her questions according to her message and try to know about her different angles and needs.

If you give him short answers to your questions when you ask him, you will understand that this client is very rude, which means that if you work with the client, he will not respect you.

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you want to write a word to make it easier to understand, then your sentence must be a little bigger and then the opponent in front of you will not feel insulted.

People who know how to respect people always try to be neat. And those who don't care about people want to cut short by saying a word or two.

Another thing is that the shortcut is that he is not a professional buyer and whenever you see a buyer is not a professional and he does not understand you, it is best not to work with him.

If a client understands you well, praise him / her when you talk to him / her, highlight his / her point of view and try to respect him / her repeatedly.

You will see that he will also respect you and you will have many benefits to work with him.

Now, when the client gives you the answers to your questions, you will immediately take note of everything in a text document. This is a very important thing I will say a little later.

When you have finished taking notes, you will put all the notes together and write the client's requirements step-by-step so that you can understand for yourself what the client really wants.

Then offer him that you first make a sample and then give him a complete file or work if he likes the sample.

There are two more tasks left between the client and you before starting work, which is to create a proposal document and create control.

Arrange a proposal document in Microsoft Word then in that sorted document you will present all the requirements of the client and how you will give him that service in full then ask the client if everything is ok.

If the client agrees to the proposal document, he has to send a contract document.

They have no value in fiber but they create a lot of psychological effects for a client and not all clients know the rules of fiverr.

The contract document outlines how you will work, when and how to update it, and how to complete your order, what rating and when to complete it.

The logo designer or thinking that if I create a logo he can run away with the logo but there is a system to give him bamboo by contacting him.

So I will tell this system next somehow so that an ultimate fake buyer will think that there is no benefit in working with AK so I will not give you pain anymore.

You can also state in the contract document that if his work is cancerous, he will not be able to use any of your work anywhere and if he is caught using it illegally, he will be fined 000 5000.

Creating such a contract would scare any Cesare client. However the contract document must be very strong and professional and if you agree to the contract then you will understand that this client is actually a professional person and thus all the clients I have worked with have been very happy and told me that my working style is different and very Professional.

With these words I do not want to be bragging, this is my tried and tested method and this is what I have been following for almost three years and I have done the same to all my previous students.

There are as many professional worldwide agencies as there are people who use this method and if you use it then where is the problem?

If you at least submit the proposal document, the amount of your revision will be reduced. Because you already mentioned what you would do to him and how you would do it.

If Sage The Proposal documents are accepted, then you will not be able to do anything new outside of that document.

Mention the extra charge for extra work in the contract document so that he will fall into a liability and your hassle will be less.

Graphic designers will also teach you how to avoid Cesra clients and how a client will not steal your work. I will write a separate article for him if Allah keeps him alive.

At the end of these episodes, if I forget, those who are following the articles will remind me with comments.

We are creating a little Facebook group community called Bangladesh Freelancers Empire where seminars and free courses will be organized on how to develop a professional career not only in the marketplace but also in the world.

The point of the whole article is professionalism and if you don't have professionalism to organize your work according to a rule then you have to suffer from it.

Professionalism is a matter of feeling, so when you can feel professional, you will see that everything is smooth.

It is not possible for me to explain the matter to those who work in a disorderly manner. There are many more steps of professionalism, I hope I will show you in the future.

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Written by   42
1 year ago
Topics: Freelancing
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