The intangibles of the twin bills - the horrible big truths

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I heard the story I was going to hear today from my grandfather. Dadura was a native of East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Grandfather grew up in Faridpur. Now maybe everything has changed according to the rules of the age, but when I am talking about Kar, the light has not come to the village. By seven o'clock in the evening, the villagers would enter his house and after a while he would eat and go to bed. At nine o'clock in the night, Dadu's village was completely silent. There was no sound except the squeaking of the crickets. Grandfather was just twelve years old then. I have seen Dadu all the time

Style. He was not afraid of anything. Others when the ghost is Petney's name

Grandpa was shocked to hear that

Was a bright exception.

At the age of twelve in the crematorium

Go, see the cremation

He had water rice

Matter. My great grandfather means

Grandpa's father also killed a lot

You can correct the boy

No. Once he left the helm

Give. My grandfather's mother, grandfather

Within a year of birth

Die. Grandpa's own sister

Raised grandfather. When sister

Grandfather was ten years old when he got married

The year is eight months. Didi leaves

To rule grandfather after leaving

Like no one at home

Rylona. Grandpa with a palla

Dasyipana continued to grow.

Crematorium, haunted house,

The graveyard was his

Playground. Grandpa's father

Seeing all this, he said, “One day

In all those places it is in the hands of ghosts

Let it be in your education ”. Grandpa

Naughty smiles and smiles

He used to say, “Something called ghost

It doesn't happen. "

Now come to the real story. Grandpa

The age was then twelve.

Then Bangladesh was full

The rainy season. Canal beel pond dighi

Everything is full of water. In the Padma

The arrow called. Grandpa's friends

Padma all together

You can see the arrow. Grandpa more

Said on the way back

Jorabile fish in the pond

Will be caught. Jorabile's

Hearing the name, all the friends hit "th"


Grandparents in the name of Jorabil

Some stories are prevalent in the village

Was. Someone said there

The living of the incorporeal, someone would say

If you go there, someone will return

Asena, though in the grandfather's village

There was no one who

One day Jorabil went

The real facts have come to light.

Grandpa used to say there or not

Kalu was a robber many decades ago

There was a dormitory. Everyone is there

They could go through everything

Who plundered them

Jorabile's canal

Drowning. One day an old woman

With her crippled husband

Returning through there. Old lady

Kalu the robber in front of him

Husband who jorabile's

He drowned in the canal. Old lady

Then he cursed “You too

One day he died in such an accident

Yes, even if you die, your soul is at peace

You won't get it. " A few days later

Or really Kalu

The robber drowned.

Many say in remorse

Suicide, someone again

Some say the old woman's curse

The result is literal

Went. Actually what

Someone said that

I don't know.

Anyway Grandpa on Grandpa's proposal

No friend agreed

Was somehow inevitable. Everyone

Seeing the arrow of Padma

On the way back, Grandpa somehow insisted

After that it goes to Jorabil.

Needless to say Grandpa is alone there

Went. When Grandpa

When he reached Jorabil

The sky is fairly clear.

Even if there is no sun, there is a glimmer of light

There are. Today it seems to be raining

Don't get off. Jorabil

One adjacent to the canal

There are neighborhoods. It is

Or five hundred years old. Although

There is something left of the house

No. The walls are broken,

The plaster has fallen off.

In places the bot asvattha

Trees have climbed the walls.

This is where Kalu is a robber

Would have. The house is haunted

Absolutely clear. Somewhere

There is no human being.

Somewhere a Dahuk called

Got up. Grandpa's body is a little creepy

Got up.

The rod was with Grandpa, and

With ants' eggs,

As a fishing bait.

Grandpa left the rod and sat down.

Mosquitoes after sitting for quite some time

Grandpa's fishing head on fire

Got up. Mosquitoes are not

Birds. This is big. A lot

Time has passed. To come

The glow of light in the sky on the way

Was also gradually turning gray

Coming. Dense clouds in the west corner

Frozen. It will rain very hard

It seemed. Suddenly Grandpa

Somewhere far away with a start

There was a thunderclap. Two one

It started to rain

Gone. Emphasis on seeing

It started to rain and it started to rain

The wind blew. Grandpa read

What a twisted neighborhood

Ran towards. When

Grandpa arrived at the house

By then Grandpa was all wet

Gone. Open the towel at the waist

To wipe Grandpa's body with a good chip

It looked.

Grandpa is good from this time

Began to see the house.

The house is a lot of space

Are spread out. The house

Filled spider mites. Here

How long after that someone's feet

Who can tell. Grandpa

Where standing

That is a porch. With

Adjacent are two Pellai houses.

The roof of a house is almost gone

Needless to say, another house

The roof is fairly intact. Grandpa is right

Karal will go and stand there

Because the fair came in the air

The rain soaked Grandpa

Was giving. Grandpa can enter the house

Suddenly it felt like the west of the porch

Someone is standing on the edge.

Grandpa matches the eyes well

He looked at a banana leaf

Shining wet in the rain.

Grandpa laughed to himself

Entered the house. The stench in the room. The smell of dead rats, gunpowder and earthenware is a lot like when you mix them together. If the rain stops today, then if the arrow calls the river Sayla, then there is a great danger. Last time there was a lot of damage in the village due to the river Sayla. Defeat this time and if something like that happens. You have to look at a high place. If so, you have to go up to the roof. Grandpa left the house and went to find a way to the roof. As soon as one turn on the verandah, the scene again, someone is standing. Grandpa rubbed his eyes well and saw that there was really someone standing there. It looks like an old woman wearing a white sari. Who is this? He also seems to be stuck in the rain. When he went to Grandpa, he entered a room. Grandpa and I went into the back room. But the house is empty. No one is anywhere. Suddenly Dadu looks back and sees the woman standing right behind Dadu. The eye is shining like a fireplace. His feet are not on the ground. It is not a mistake to understand that grandfather is standing in front of death today. That incorporeal anger began to blow. Before Grandpa could understand anything, a voice came out. The sound of laughter. Male voice. At the same time, his words were heard, "Today, after many decades, I will cool my heart by killing people." And with a hearty laugh. Suddenly the incorporeal body in front of Grandpa threw Grandpa into the air. Grandpa lost consciousness and just heard a voice saying "You will never be able to stay without me". When Grandpa regained consciousness, Grandpa was in bed, in his own room. Dad in front, friends are all crowded. Grandpa had a high fever for a few nights. When Dadu recovered, he heard from his friends that they all came and told him to go to Dadu Jorabil. Everyone goes out to look for Grandpa. When everyone comes and stands in front of Jorabil, it is called Sandhya. It's raining. Suddenly, at the sound of something being read, everyone looked back and saw Grandpa's unconscious body. Grandpa's fever gets worse at night. With a fever, a loud noise came from Grandpa's mouth. Sometimes Dadu says "Don't leave anyone, I will kill everyone" and sometimes he says "I will save everyone, you can't harm anyone". In time, Dadu recovers.

One day, many days after the incident, my grandfather was sitting at the door of the house, and in the evening he had just come down. Suddenly Grandpa turned around and saw the woman. Today his eyes are no longer burning, a smile of peace on his face. The big magician opened his mouth. After a while he disappeared again.

Please tell, what's the story of them big puppys ..... Thank you all for being with me.

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