Science fiction story: hijacking an airplane.

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After completing all the formalities, Cyan got on the plane. He went and sat in his seat. A small plane. In all, there will be hundreds of passengers.

There are passengers in all the seats, only the seat right next to it is empty. One monitor attached to the front seat of each. This is so that the passengers can reach the destination by watching dramas and movies or listening to songs.

In the side seat, a twenty-one-year-old girl is teaching her sister how to turn on the monitor. The sister may be six to seven years younger than him. Cyan took out his laptop and did some urgent work. There is not much time to get off the plane. You have to go straight to the seminar. His project has already been well received. That is why such a big organization is inviting him.

It's been a few minutes since the plane flew into the sky. Just a half hour journey. The two girls are still busy watching movies on the monitor. Cyan looked out the window and saw the floating clouds. Cyan was suddenly startled. In an instant, the autumn sky changed and was covered in thick black darkness. Cyan glanced at the side seat. There is no difference of opinion between the two girls. There is no change in their eyes. They are watching movies as if enchanted. Why only two girls, all passengers on the plane are in the same situation. Only Cyan realizes something else is happening.

The door of the plane opened slowly. Cyan climbed out of the seat like a hypnotist towards the door. El Cyan went down the stairs. He set foot on the floor of the spaceship. It was pitch dark all around. Within minutes of the plane taking off, a huge spaceship swallowed the plane. An unidentified alien hijacked the plane. Their motives, however, are not bad. They do not want to harm the passengers. They just want to take Cyan to their planet. Cyan needs them very much.

From now on, what is happening seems like a movie scene to the passengers. Because they can see the whole incident on the monitor. As soon as the door of the spaceship was opened, a young man of 25-26 years was seen coming down from there. A 4-foot-tall man wearing a defense uniform also came down behind him. As soon as the young man came down, a group of five or six people greeted him with flowers.

One said, Mr. Cyan, welcome to our planet. Our President, Mr. Mig, has sent us to take you to him with honor.

Cyan's hypnosis is not over yet. He is watching and listening. They are doing what they say, but they can't say anything. As he drove in a car, he looked around. Excellent pleasant environment. Perfect roads, greenery on both sides, the chirping of birds, the flight of butterflies, the neatness of a city just like the picture.

Here houses have been built at a very planned distance. The height of any house is not more than two storeys and the roof of every house is full of flowers and fruit trees. There are schools and play areas for children. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Apart from a few short-lived people, different species of birds, butterflies and plants, no other animals were found in the area. Another thing that caught Cyan's eye was that there was no water here.

The car was stopped in front of a palace-like building. It is a state guest building. Cyan came down as soon as someone came and opened the door. Inside is a huge hall. Around a large table with about 50 chairs. Large state meetings are held here. Mr. Mig was waiting for Cyan in the room where Cyan was taken across the hall.

Mr. Mig is sitting in a royal chair. As soon as he approached Cyan, he stood up and kissed him. This is the custom of reception here. Cyan is indifferent. Cyan was allowed to sit on a comfortable sofa. One came with a glass of fruit juice in a tray. How dizzy Cyan was. He reached out and finished the glass with a kiss. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The effect of hypnosis has begun to subside.

Cyan asked Mr. Mig why he had brought me here.

Mig said, don't get us wrong. We had nothing to do but get caught. If we were residents of the same planet, we would invite you with due respect. Of course, we have not yet consciously disrespected you.

You know, I was going to attend an important seminar? And it was supposed to start in three hours. How many people are waiting for me, how much money has been spent to organize this seminar, do you have any idea? Cyan is quite excited.

Mr. Mig said very calmly and calmly, you don't have to worry. We will take you to the seminar in time. We do not want any harm to you. You just do us a favor.

Cyan was a little shocked. I do not understand how to benefit you.

"Life on our planet is completely dependent on technology," Mr Migg said. We use technology in everything we cook, eat, drink, study, work. We even make food panitukuo in the laboratory. Because there is no source of fresh water here. This planet is not much bigger in size. The amount of land here is also quite small. Three-quarters of the area is surrounded by the sea. Small islands have been inhabited for centuries. However, not all of them are habitable yet. Lots of flowers, fruits and vegetables are cultivated here. Our agriculturists have done enough to increase their production. Although fruits and vegetables are produced naturally, they are very little compared to the food needs of the planet. So we have to take the help of technology for higher yield.

Lots of guest birds gather here. Earlier there were some animals like cows, goats, sheep etc. But gradually they have become extinct. Animals are just us, different species of birds and butterflies, insects. There is a dearth of protein sources on our planet. As a result, the residents here are short. Their weight and height do not increase. Their ability to work is also declining. But the residents here are very intelligent. We know through technology that you have invented a fancy and effective method of rooftop fish farming. Where vegetables as well as fish can be farmed. There are many water bodies in your country. This task is much easier there. Fish production has been going on for years. But the only natural source of fresh water on our planet is rainwater. So we have to produce food panitukuo. But we can cultivate fish with it. Only if you help us a little.

Cyan suddenly said, there are a lot of birds here. Birds can also meet your protein needs.

This question will come as Mr. Mig assumed. He said, I told you before there were some more animals here. They are extinct today because we could not maintain them properly. If the birds become extinct, we will be in great danger. We use bird eggs as food. But that is very little.

Cyan was a little embarrassed. He should not have remembered this. Cyan was happy in his mind. He has been researching the rooftop aquaponics project since he was in university. Now work has started in many places. Many have received response due to the government campaign. But he could not have imagined that he would be so respected on another unfamiliar planet outside his own country. The inhabitants of this planet want to meet their own protein needs by implementing his project. Fish is a great source of protein. Eating protein keeps the stomach full for a long time. Does not get hungry easily. Tilapia, koi, magur etc. can be easily cultivated in big plastic drums on the roof of the house. They grow fast and reproduce quickly. It is understood that the rulers of the planet have done enough research on him. They need fish fry and food.

Cyan said, OK, I'm willing to help you. Let me talk to whom it will work.

Shortly after Mr. Mig instructed one, a team of five investigators appeared before him. Mr. Mig and the research team took Cyan to the roof of the guest house. Planting different types of vegetable trees in big drums there. Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, beans, how many kinds of trees. The roof is ready for the aquaponics method. Only a few water-filled drums are needed. They also appeared in a short time after giving instructions. Cyan took out his laptop and showed the research team the whole project and explained how to do it.

Aquaponics is a natural method. In this method fish and vegetables are cultivated simultaneously using the same water. In this case soil is not used for vegetable cultivation. Pebbles are used as its alternative. In this system there is a fish pot and a tree pot. Dirty water from fish pots is given to tree pots. The bacteria there turn the dirty water of the fish into plant food. After taking food from the tree water, purified clean water is given back to the fish. Fish waste or ammonia is converted to nitrate by bacteria in tree roots. The tree absorbs it and cleans the water. Repeated use of the same water reduces waste.

Cyan pulled three glass jars out of her bag. It contains tilapia, magur and koi fish fry. He also explained how to make fish food. Now it's time to wait a few months. Mr Mig thanked Cyan and instructed him to board the plane.

Sayan said, "I am very happy and honored to introduce this method to you here. But for me, a lot of people's time is wasted today. Already a few hours have passed. I did not go to the seminar.

Mr. Mig said, you don't have to worry. You probably don't know that there is a big difference between the time on your planet and the time here. You feel like you've been here for hours. That's right. But only a few minutes have passed on your planet. Therefore you can reach the seminar at the right time. Let me tell you one more thing. None of your companions will have any memory of this incident. Hopefully in six-seven months we will be able to bring you back here. Then you will see the successful implementation of this project with your own eyes.

Mr. Mig presented Cyan with a precious gem as a memento. Cyan smiled and said goodbye.

Members of the defense forces put Cyan on a spaceship. The picture on the monitors of all the passengers changed instantly. The plane came out of the spaceship. Just then the pilot was contacted from the Air Traffic Control Office. They were very worried. The plane lost contact with the controller within minutes of takeoff. They could not find any trace of the plane for twenty minutes. The pilot was very surprised to hear this. The pilot said they had almost arrived. Going to land in a while. The air traffic controller could not solve this mystery. The plane landed safely.

After everyone got off, Cyan finally came down. Cyan noticed that the two girls in the next seat were watching him very closely and talking to each other. Cyan is sure, their content is his own. Cyan suddenly stood up when he heard a woman's voice as he passed by.

I will ask you a question, would you mind?

Yes, the girl is asking him the same question. Standing next to her younger sister.

Say, Cyan answered.

Do you act

Cyan laughed. We all do acting. Someone on screen, someone off screen.

We were actually watching a movie on the plane. The movie hero looked just like you. Oh well, my name is Swarnali. And she is my younger sister Rupali.

Cyan looked at Rupali and smiled softly. It is said that Swarnali is the first to notice the matter.

Cyan and Swarnali are moving forward to talk. Rupali stepped back as she walked a little slower. Of course it was good. It is better not to have children among the words of adults.

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