Haunted school!

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There was a ghost school on the bank of a river in a distant village. The study of ghost children was going on there.

One of those students was a ghost named Lucas. He was a third grader. As a student he was much better.

But one day he was expelled from school for a year for a moment's foolish mischief. There is no end to his sorrow. There was a people's primary school on the other side of the river. One day he wanted to go there and study.

So he started going to third grade class there and created various ghostly activities. Since he was invisible, his actions seemed haunting to people. Nowadays, he used to float school notebooks, pens, pencils and even teachers' materials in the air. Everything became strange.

Everyone started shouting and discussing. One day his bag was stolen and another day another's pencil. It turned into a haunted school. In this way the amount of different stems increases. But the main reason behind all this was his boundless interest in studies. He was again quite friendly and sincere. Lucas helped students who were late to class or could not read the teacher's text. Sometimes a student felt as if someone was telling him to read. These incidents were considered as ghosts by the students and teachers.

One of the students in the class was named Fahim. He seemed very good to Lucas. He thought that all his thoughts could be told to Fahim. So one day he found Fahim alone in his living room and met him. He says - Fahim, I think you are a very good boy, I want to tell you something.

Fahim was supposed to be scared when he saw Lucas, but Fahim was not scared at all when he saw him.

You are not afraid to see me - Fahim?

What is there to be afraid of? Do you understand that you will harm me?

No, I mean, how do you know I'm not going to hurt you? And I suddenly became invisible, then?

I already knew that the weirdest things that happen at school would be the work of a ghost, and when you tell me something about you, I don't think you're going to hurt me. And you seem quite sincere.

Wow! You look very confident and intelligent, you are the one who understands my mind.

Done ... now tell me what you have to say.

Then why he is expelled from his own school for a year and speaks of his infinite interest in his studies.

Oh, food. What is your job at this school? And what does it mean to bother everyone?

A: I really want to go to this school with you.

Hmmm ... you can read that, but on one condition. Can't bother anyone. You have to read by my side, tell me if you need anything, so that none of your actions seem ghostly to anyone.


But the condition is to remember that, Lucas!

Of course, you're really good, thank you.

From then on, Lucas began taking regular classes at that primary school, becoming an invisible student in collaboration with his new friend Fahim. Since then there have been no more ghostly activities. And he liked this school so much that he forgot to go back to his own ghost school.

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