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The importance of mobile phones in our livesHow much?

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The contribution of information technology in the development of modern civilization is immense. At present, people cannot move without information technology even for a moment. Generally, keeping or using information is called information technology. Which is called Information Technology or IT. Information technology is basically a combination technology. Information technology refers to the system of collecting, storing, consolidating, processing and exchanging or serving all information through telecommunication systems and computers. Communication systems are closely related to information technology. Necessary work cannot be completed at present without information technology.

Mobile phone is a very important device for us. We use mobile phones as needed. Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. It is a medium of information technology. Mobile technology works to deliver news from one end to the other in a matter of moments. In a word, the technology of exchanging necessary information through mobile is called mobile technology. According to a survey conducted at the end of 2017, the number of mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh has exceeded about 156 million. Research shows that the most important thing in our daily lives is the mobile phone. I feel the need for various tasks throughout the day, starting from giving an alarm to wake up in the morning. From making various calculations, seeing the time, taking necessary pictures, reading magazines can also be done through mobile technology. We get all the updated information of the day through this.

Along with the widespread need for mobile technology, there are also disadvantages. We are ignoring this aspect. Many have very limited knowledge of how this object is pushing us to death. Talking on a mobile phone for a long time, listening to music for a long time with headphones in the ear reduces people's hearing. Moreover, it has an adverse effect on the brain. This makes the mood irritable; Instability, inattention increases. As we all know, towers are built to provide mobile phone network facilities to the customers. These towers have two types of antennas of different wavelengths. It is through these waves that we can communicate with distant humans. When a wave travels, it generates an electromagnetic field around it, which in turn produces electromagnetic radiation. Which is very harmful for our body. Research in technologically advanced countries has shown that the number of patients with heart attack, kidney disease and brain cancer has increased significantly. According to a recent study, 1 out of every 4 children exposed to computers and mobile phones is at risk. This radiation is not only harmful to the human body; This also reduces the yield of plants and crops around the tower. People are more likely to be harmed if they use Five-G mobile technology.

One study found that 26 million British people suffer from thumb pain as a result of using gadgets. This pain caused by repeated use of the same finger due to the use of the device is called blackberry thumb. The pain that is felt in the neck due to looking down at the screen of the device is known as eye shadow. The weight of our head is 10 to 12 pounds and if we keep it to one side for a long time, it puts extra mass pressure on the spine. For example, a 15 degree curved head increases the weight on the neck by 28 pounds. According to a 2014 report, this problem called 'Textneck' may spread further. Ophthalmologists warn that the blue light on the screen of a smartphone is extremely harmful and excessive use of the smartphone can cause long-term eye damage. Diseases such as burning eyes, headaches and loss of vision are associated with the use of phones and computers. In addition, hearing loss in the ears, damage to the body's joints, sperm can be reduced.

Many scientists think that the use of this radiation for many days in a row can have harmful effects on the human body. At the current rate at which people are using mobile phones, it is normal for health to suffer. Possible diseases of mobile radiation-1. Cancer, II. Brain tumor, 3. Alzheimer's, 4. Parkinson's, 5. Fatigue, 6. Headache. Cancer and brain tumors are the most common diseases associated with mobile phones. However, despite conducting many studies in this regard, the researchers have not been able to reach a definite conclusion so far.

Despite the horrendous side effects, most of the country's mobile phone towers have been installed on the roofs of homes and educational institutions. Meanwhile, there is no one to look at. If this continues, we will have to see a handicapped generation in the future. We need to be aware now for a healthy, beautiful and secure future. Mobile is a very necessary device so it must be used. But scientists have advised you to follow some rules to stay safe. The national advisory authorities on radioactivity in Austria, France, Germany and Sweden offer some tips for staying safe from mobile phone radiation. This includes -1. Mobile phones should be kept away from the body as much as possible. 2. Hands-free mobile must be used. 3. Mobile should be kept away from the head while sleeping. 4. It is better to sit outside and talk on the phone as much as possible. 5. It is better to keep mobile away from children as much as possible. . Mobiles should not be used in cars without external antennas. . One should not talk on mobile for a long time. . Talk on the phone as much as possible inside the building.

The world's first G was launched in Japan on December 1, 1989. It was introduced in Bangladesh in 1993. Second-G 1998, Third-G 2012, Four-G 19 February 2017. IT analysts claim that adopting Four-G services is preventing people from wasting time and money. However, Four-G does not work properly in rural Bangladesh. Moreover, the main challenge is to overcome the disadvantages of mobile technology and provide Five-G services. Keeping these thoughts in mind, many have suggested that Five-G technology is effective. Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited is working to provide Five-G technology services.

The fifth generation internet of mobile phones is called Five-G for short. Where much faster internet data can be downloaded and uploaded. Whose services will be wide. This will actually ensure more use of radio waves and at the same time allow more mobile phones to take advantage of the internet in the same place. Maybe research and rescue activities will be conducted through drones, will help in extinguishing the fire. And for that, Five G technology will be helpful. Many think the Five G will also become important for reading driverless cars, live maps and traffic information. Mobile gamers will get more benefits. Video calls will be clearer. Videos can be viewed on mobile easily and without any interruption. Fitness devices fitted to the body will be able to give signals at the right time, as well as send emergency medical messages.

For example, a good quality movie can be downloaded in just a few seconds. Most countries want to launch the Five G service by 2020. However, Qatar's Oredo company said it had already launched the service commercially. Technology-analysts say that at present, Five-GK has to surpass the latest Four-G technology.

Bangladesh has great potential in the field of information technology and related services (IT-ITES). In this field, Bangladesh is witnessing one of the highest growth rates in the world. Therefore, there is a huge potential and opportunity for foreign investment in this sector.According to a research paper by Everest Group, a US-based market research firm, Bangladesh has the potential to earn between কোটি 900 million and ১১ 1.10 billion, or Rs. 9,000 crore, from local IT-ITES. By 2025, it will reach about 4.8 billion US dollars. The report highlights the positive potential of Bangladesh, including the young generation of Bangladesh, the investment-friendly environment here, and the interest in the IT sector. The report further said that by 2020, the revenue in the information technology services sector will reach 2.3 billion US dollars. The rapid growth of the hardware and information technology services sector in Bangladesh will take this sector forward. Low cost business facilities and low cost staff will be available in Bangladesh. At present, IT-ITS services are being provided from Bangladesh to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and African countries.

All the services that are available through Five-G mobile technology. Some of them are; -1. Immediate communication will be possible. 2. Will prevent waste. 3. Time will be more affordable. 4. The availability of information will make communication possible. For example, phone, email, internet, SMS, voice and video calls will be easier and clearer. 5. Skills will increase in all areas. . Profitable business process will be created. . Global market for products can be created through e-commerce. . The use of information technology by industrial organizations will reduce the waste of human energy. 9. Necessary things can be ordered through internet from home. 10. Further development of human resources will take place. 11. Students can now study at any institution in the world through the Internet at home. 12. Citizen benefits such as the Citizen's Charter are available at home.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, her technology adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy, ICT Minister Mostafa Jabbar and State Minister Junaid Azmed Palak have contributed in all fields of information technology in Bangladesh, including mobile technology. Besides, BSCCL Managing Director Mashiur Rahman and other officials of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology are conducting research on the implementation of Five-G.

We have continued to do the necessary work through mobile technology. Things will be easier with Five-G mobile technology. World Telecommunication and Information Union Day is celebrated internationally on 16 May every year in Bangladesh like 193 other countries by highlighting different aspects of technology. Overall improvement is being achieved in various fields of the country through technology.

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