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Agricultural incentive loan disbursement time increased further

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2 years ago

Bangladesh Bank has extended the loan disbursement period of Tk 5,000 crore incentive package announced by the government for the agricultural sector. The banks will be able to disburse the loan till December 31 this year. Earlier, the deadline was September 30. The Agriculture Loan Department of Bangladesh Bank has issued a notification in this regard on Sunday.

The circular sent to the chief executives of all scheduled banks operating in Bangladesh said that for the smooth implementation of the special incentive refinancing scheme in the agricultural sector, the deadline for disbursement of loans from Bangladesh Bank to the customer level is from September 30It was fixed till December 31 of the year.It may be mentioned that the central bank has set up a special fund of Tk 5,000 crore called 'Special Incentive Refinancing Scheme in the Agricultural Sector' for farmers to cope with the damage caused to the agricultural sector by the corona virus. The maximum interest rate on the loan for a period of 16 months (including a grace period of six months) will be 4 percent.

Under this scheme, the banks will get refinancing facility from Bangladesh Bank at one percent interest rate. And the interest rate at the consumer level is 6

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You have given us a very good information, we did not know anything about it before. About Agriculture

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2 years ago

Thanks 🥰

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2 years ago