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1 year ago

Recently, a young Egyptian engineer has created such a robot using artificial intelligence.

Water is life, water is life. This is the only condition for finding a habitable planet outside of Earth. Of all the planets in the solar system, even if the slightest hint of it is found anywhere, there is no limit to our joy.

The good news is that the robot 'Ikhat' has created a robot capable of storing thousands of liters of water on any planet by using the humidity of the air.

Although the red planet currently has a much warmer climate, it is not possible to have liquid water there due to the extra atmospheric pressure. But there is ice. Scientists have been researching the existence of life and water on Mars for a long time in search of an alternative planet to live near Earth. Inspired by their mission to Mars, Mahmoud created a robot using artificial intelligence.

Engineer Mahmoud al-Kemi said ঊKhat uses a technology that can separate water from air humidity. It is capable of automatically entering the high humidity region of Mars to produce pure water. I think it will play a very effective role for the existence of life on the red planet.

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Nice article

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1 year ago