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I want to be an entrepreneur

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1 year ago

My dreams are like the wings of a bird, as happy as they are in the blue sky. I think I have come up with different dreams at different stages of my life. I have been singing since I was little, so while living in the world of music, I always wanted to be a successful singer. Reading a love book, immersed in the pages of that book, has ever wanted to go into the world of fantasy Harry Potter and lose yourself. In the midst of so many fantasies and dreams, I didn't even realize how I had passed school and college life. Now that half the life of the university is over, it seems that the most needed thing for the development of the country is to actually invest in the right place. As I read the details of the business, I am now interested in playing a role in the economic development of the country. I dream of establishing myself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country.

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1 year ago