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How much money is needed in life..

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1 year ago

We all need money immensely. Because money is needed to meet the needs of life. There is no end to the basic needs of human beings. It is not possible to meet the demand without money. A person who has no money has no value in society.

The need for money for life is undeniable. Can we live without money? But what if the life that requires so much money is devoted to money? All our thoughts are absorbed in the various necessities of life. Job or business; Mental or physical labor, either way we want the means of subsistence ‘money’. Otherwise that doesn't work anymore.

If you are someone of Satya Yuga, then money is useless to you Only good words, good deeds, good wishes for all, etc. can make you spend your life in misery.

When the back is against the wall, various behaviors of the people are revealed. Don't look at the woodcutter whose bread was snatched by a flying crow. After chasing the crow all day, when the crow finally crossed the river, the poor man became helpless and said, "I donated the bread in the way of Allah." Since there is no other 'option' here than 'giving', you may be looking for the 'happiness' of non-receipt through so-called giving (!).

Those who have their backs to the wall, "What has happened is for the better" are the only ones who calmly play these words in your ears, but they themselves do not believe in it! Has anyone ever told you that money is not everything in life, whether you are happy with money or not, etc. (?) Even if you actually hear something like that, you will not find any truth in real life. This is also a conversation like leaning your back against the wall.

But this is not the true age This is the era of "Fell Curry Makho Oil"

In this age, someone may be a really good person, but the pocket average field - no one will pay দাম Again, some mature pigeons - Mala has done something from side to side On the other hand, Dan meditates and meditates - people say, "Ah, it doesn't happen like this anymore." This is our current 6

Let me give a few examples - Manik Bandyapadhyay: The proverb of Bengali literature is male The only thing you have lived with all your life without writing is lack of money He has even left advice - that no one should manage money, practice literature

Kazi Nazrul Islam: In his early life he used to bake bread in a shop Soldier 7 in later life I don't know what the poems he wrote during that miserable time were like.

Ravi Tagore: He was born in abundance Didn't have to struggle to survive There was no obstacle in the practice of poetry

The three people I talked about are all talented, no less talented than anyone else Ravi Tagore did not have to struggle to survive like the other two

That is why Ravi Babu wrote innumerable 6 If Manik Bandyapadhyay or Nazrul had got some financial support, Bengali literature would have benefited more.

As for the good ones, this time I will talk about the bad ones

On the way to and from the country, I saw all the famous people wearing cheap clothes along the line getting on the plane They come out of their own country for money They send money to the family at the end of the month with a smile on their face every day because of the humiliation of humanity

The way the airhostesses treat them inside the aircraft shows that even after buying tickets for the same amount of money, these people are not the same as everyone else. Because they have no meaning

Those who have passed a certain age (25+) must have understood the importance of money. Now, even if you work for 10 thousand rupees, you must understand the meaning of money very well.

I fell when I was young. Money and demand increase proportionately! Most of your needs or dreams in life will come to a standstill due to lack of money. It can be direct or indirect! If you fall on the road and die right now,

Money is also needed to buy shrouds.

This is the eternal truth!

Too much, look at the news on the inside page of the daily newspaper or look at your Facebook feed - see how many families are running out of money, how many people are running out of money for treatment.

Life without money is useless Severe illness, long hospital 7 People will get financial help in the first need, but not later Everyone can reach a limit of 6

From childhood, every human being should know what it means and what it is used for It will learn the need for money But keep in mind that "love" for money should be born Love for money makes people inhuman

Love of money, love of rain and jochana dim the light of night

The happiest (!) Wise people are far from money, even fools do not believe it. But there is no denying that "money" is one of the greatest and most temporary means of worldly happiness.

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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good article. I like it

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1 year ago

I like your article.and yes money is important.

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1 year ago