TTAB: Chapter 3

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Please be reminded that this chapter is unedited so expect some grammatical errors and wrong spellings. I recommend you to read synopsis, chapter 1, and chapter 2 before you proceed to this chapter. I also tried writing this story in English so please don't hate me if my English sucks. I'm still learning. But there's still some Tagalog in it. Thank you and enjoy reading!

Ps. This is just a short update, it only has 1180 words in it since i took a long break and I'm still thinking for the nest scene.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Trembling and sweating, A woman can't hide her fear while she's making her way to her boss office. It's already been one week since the young master disappeared, and they still haven't had any leads. For that one week, her boss was always angry and short-tempered. He's always been short-tampered, but right now it's doubled. Just one mistake and you could lose your job. She stopped when she was finally in front of the office. Her hands trembling with fear, she opened the door. When she got inside, she was about to close the door when she heard a deep voice that made her tremble in fear. "Spill it." Her boss voice was cold; it made the room colder. It also had a hint of anger, so she couldn't help but gulp.

"There is still no lea-"The woman didn't have a chance to finish her sentence when she heard a loud bang. She even flinched. She is still looking down because she feels like she'll lose her head if she looks up. She can't even describe how scared she is right now. There was a moment of silence before she heard her boss's cuss, which made her flinch for the third time.

"Get out." The woman bowed before she hurriedly left the office. When she was finally outside, she let out a big sigh. For a minute there, she thought she was facing Satan.


LUKE CAN'T control his anger anymore. He's paying them well, but they still can't find a lead in his son's disappearance. He threw his phone out of frustration. He will make sure to capture whoever took his son. He will make them pay. Double. Luke grabs his other phone before dialing someone's number. It didn't take long before someone answered the call.

"What do you need?" The other guy asks. His voice is also cold and deep. He's pretty used to it.

"I need your help, Riego." Luke responded before placing his hand on his forehead and lightly massaging it. He hasn't had any proper sleep since last week. How can he sleep if his son is nowhere to be found?

"What is it this time?" 

Riego had a talent for finding someone and he never failed to do so. But, of course, it's not for free. The more important that person is, the higher the price. It's not that Riego is poor; he actually has six different resorts in the Philippines. That b**tard just loves money. Luke stood up and faced the glass wall. From there, he could see the beautiful city lights. "I need you to find my son. Name your price." he responded.

"Shiloah is missing?!" His friend couldn't help but shout. He couldn't believe he only knew about this now. Luke let out a big sigh, "Yes, now how much?"

"Shiloah has been missing for how long? I can't believe I'm just hearing this now. What the f**k happened, Marquez?" His friend can't help but ask question after question. Shiloah is a sweet boy, so of course he'll be worried. Plus, how can someone kidnap the boy if the security in Marquez's mansion is pretty tight? Luke's friend let out a big sigh. "You know what, nevermind. I'll find him. No need to pay" he'll do this job for free since they are talking about Shiloah. 

"Thank you, Riego" Luke said. He couldn't help but smile a little as he realized how relieved he was. 

"Don't mention it, man. I'll personally send you the details tomorrow." his friend responded before he ended the call. 

He didn't ask for his friends' help at first because he was worried that his parents would find out that his son is missing. He knows that Riego doesn't know how to shut up his mouth. Luke doesn't want to bother them, but since the men he hired are pretty much useless, he has no choice but to seek assistance from a friend. His friend named Axel Giedon. The man who owned six different resorts in the Philippines and hundreds of hotels overseas. He walked to his table before grabbing his wallet. Luke opened it and stared at the picture inside. It's a picture of his son, Shiloah is smiling widely, so he can't help but smile too. He has a soft spot for his son, of course. He admits that he's been neglecting his son due to his busy work to the point that they haven't seen each other for a month. Luke always comes home late and always leaves home early, so they don't really see each other even though they live in the same house. He sat down in his swivel chair and started to work on his papers. He trusted Axel, so he is confident that his friend could find his son.


KETIANA AND JANICE are watching Shiloah play with their neighbor's son. They are in the backyard of the house and the kids are playing with cars that she bought yesterday. Yes, they already know the kids' names, but the thing is, Shiloah doesn't want to tell them where he lives. They thought that Shiloah did not know where he lived, but the kid looked smart, so they doubted it. It's also been one week since she found Shiloah. For that one week, the kid does not want to be away from her. It always cry when she leaves the house. Thank God her friend Janice has paid leave so someone can take care of Shiloah when she's away. She wants to introduce Shiloah to her mother, but it's pretty risky. What if the guys that kidnapped Shiloah are still out there? They were just fortunate to have escaped at that time.In that one week, Janice and Shiloah also became close. At first, Shiloah did not want Janice because she talks too loudly, but now the kid is pretty used to it, though sometimes Janice can get really irritating. 

Ketiana admits that she's pretty attached to Shiloah now; she feels like Shiloah is his son. She bets that she'll feel lonely when they return Shiloah to his real parents. Can she just keep the kid? ketiana sighed with that thought. She can't even barely pay her mother's hospital fees and now she wants to adopt Shiloah? She must be insane. Shiloah, on the other hand, is a sweet child, so she can't help but be attached. 

How she wishes she had money to adopt Shiloah, but Ketiana knows that it's impossible because the kids' parents are probably devastated right now. She wants to bring Shiloah to the police station so they can seek help, but the kid said that the police will just return him to the bad guys. She didn't understand it at first, but now she does. It only means one thing. 

The police are paid. She can't risk it, so Ketiana doesn't have a choice but to wait for someone to find Shiloah. The kid looks like he came from a rich family, so she's confident that his parents can find him.

She really wishes she could keep Shiloah though. 



The kid in the lead photo is how I visualize Shiloah and you're free to visualize your own Shiloah, i just want to share with you guys on how I visualize luke's precious baby lolol. By the way, Shiloah's first name was supposed to be Nathaniel but I think the name Nathaniel is overrated so I changed it to Shiloah. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter even though it's quite boring. I'm still picking up some pieces of the plot since I took a long break due to school. Well, that's pretty much all. I'll update chapter 4 if I have time again, maybe next week or this week end. Thank you!

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