Some easy ways to stop children from salivating

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From the moment they start talking, all the children salivate due to physiological reasons. A lot of times its levels get higher, but there is nothing to worry about. Children need to know some rules to stop saliva from dripping from their mouths, which is good to know.

*However, according to experts, there are some ways to stop the saliva from the baby's mouth, let's find out-

With a toothbrush

Rub your baby's gums lightly 2 times a day with an electric toothbrush. This increases the feeling in the mouth, which makes you feel the spit in your mouth. From then on, you will learn to swallow spit by yourself.

Give something a chew

Give her a light chew, which also relaxes her gums. This temporary use will stop her salivating habit.

Use a little jelly

Use a petroleum jelly on the baby's chin. This will prevent spitting. In addition, the skin will not allow any itching.


The best way, with a soft cloth, is to wipe off any spit that comes out of your baby's mouth. Be careful not to rub your chin too hard so that it hurts. When you wipe your face repeatedly, he will get annoyed and swallow before spitting next time.

Light blowing

Blow lightly on the baby's face so that his mind goes elsewhere. Although it doesn't work very well, you can still try.

Hide the suction stick

Remove the suction stick, or use as little as possible.

During sleep

If your baby spits too much saliva from his mouth during sleep, change his sleeping posture. From lying back on the side, lying on your back, it prevents saliva.

Also, some facial exercises can improve your baby's salivation habits. Teach the child to move the jaw up and down. It's an easy way to keep his mouth open all the time.

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