Postnatal Care

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Postnatal care is the care of the mother and the newborn immediately after delivery and the follow-up of the mother and baby for up to 6 weeks (42 days) after delivery.

★Postpartum Danger or Bad Symptoms:

1. Bleeding after delivery which increases instead of decreasing or getting a large piece of blood.

2. Odor discharge or discharge from the vagina.

3. Convulsions or fainting.

4. Severe pain in the lower abdomen.

5. Pain, swelling or redness in the breast.

6. Infections in the breast, swelling of the veins of the legs, fever, increased heart rate.

In this case, the advice of a doctor is required.

★Postpartum maternal health examination:

* Postnatal physical examination

1. Weight

2. Blood pressure

3. Temperature.

4. Pulse speed test.

5. Cervical contraction test.

6. The amount of vaginal bleeding.

6. Regular defecation.

6. To check if the uterus has returned to normal within six weeks.

* Postnatal Psychological examination:

Depression, insomnia, lack of feeling towards the newborn 50% of the mothers have this problem. But if it goes to extremes, you must consult a doctor. Schizophrenia often has a tendency to commit suicide or kill the newborn.

★Things to do:

The mother needs the full cooperation and support of the newborn's parents and family members to keep the mother physically and mentally healthy. If necessary, take the advice of a doctor.

The mother also has much higher nutritional needs during the postpartum period. To meet this demand, special attention should be paid to the diet of the mother.

★Maternal food:

1. Eggs, fish, meat, pulses should be included in any meal.

2. Must drink 1 glass of milk daily.

3. Plenty of water, fruit juices and vegetables are required.

4. Iron and folic acid should be taken for 1 month after delivery.

*** If the doctor has given a special diet chart for any complication of the mother, then it must be complied with and the diet should be given accordingly.

Adequate and adequate intake of protein, calories, vitamins, mineral salts and water plays an important role in restoring maternal health and getting adequate breast milk.

Proper postpartum care can ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.

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