Language development and defective language of the child

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Language development is a method by which children from an early age can understand and communicate with others through language.

From birth to the age of five years, the child's language develops rapidly. The development of language depends on the physical growth of the child and the maturity and environment of the brain.

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#Child language development can be divided into two stages:

1. In the pre-verbal phase, children express language through cries, whispers, gestures.

2. In the speech phase, children express language by pronouncing words, adding two words and forming sentences.

A) 1st trimester after birth-

- Can detect mother's voice.

- Expresses different needs through different types of crying.

B) Three to six months-

- He looks at her face as he speaks.

- Size maintains contact in size gestures.

C) 06 months to 09 months-

- Responses when called by name.

- Makes different kinds of sounds. Da-da, say no-no. Children do 12 types of chatter.

D) 9 to 12 months-

- Listening to others.

- Understand the general command. Yes and no understands the meaning of the word.

E) 12 to 15 months-

- Understands instructions.

- Expresses needs through gestures and words.

F) 15 to 18 months-

- Can use the right words.

- Consider cold, hot, up, down.

G) 18 months to 2 years -

- Can speak sentences of three words.

- Rhymes and songs.

H) 2 to 3 years-

- Can say sentences of 63-5 words

- Can name body parts, colors, toys, people and objects.

- Can answer that question.

I) 3 to 4 years-

- Can talk to others.

- Ask others various questions.

- Tell stories.

J) 4 to 5 years-

- 6 to 8 word sentences can say.

- Can speak on any subject.

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#The signs that can be understood that a child is suffering from language problems.

1. Mental state and inability to express emotions in the right way.

2. Behavioral problems occur.

3. Not being able to speak with eyes closed.

4. Not being able to understand the language properly.

5. Limitations in continuing the dialogue.

6. Not being able to mix closely with peers.

7. The same melody or word repeated.

8. Inability to play symbolic games.

9. The number of words mastered is relatively low and the number of some varied verbs like khai, yai, kari etc. is not mentioned.

🚫Defective language:

In general, language is called defective language due to pronunciation errors. But any kind of impure speech is defective language. It is natural that there will be some mistakes in the use of children's language in childhood. However, proper management is required for this.

#Language errors in childhood can be divided into three ways.

1. Semantic error

2. Pronunciation error

3. Error in sentence structure.

*Semantic error:

There are some words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings.

*Pronunciation error

- Wrong

- Chaotic talk

- Half and half

- Vague words

- Stuttering

- Inconsistent speech

- Regional talk

*Errors in sentence structure: Speaks correctly without using pronouns, verbs, tenses and pronouns.

Proper pronunciation and application of language is essential for the proper mental, social and emotional development of a child.

This is why children with language defects usually prefer to be with their parents

Parents can play the most significant role in this case. It is also possible to bring a language-impaired child back to normal life through speech and language therapy and proper parental care.

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Language development is very important for every child. For this, any child can develop their language from their family. And family can play an important role for develop language for their child.

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2 years ago

every child can learn languages from her family. Firstly one child learn from her mother and father. child always learn language from her mothers.child can speak first learn from her mother and father. So every child had also mother tung.

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2 years ago