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i think3

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1 year ago

I think

part 3

The hospital was taken to the operating theater.

The doctor signed the brother a paper.

I cried a lot that day.

After an hour, the doctor came and said to his brother, & quot; I couldn't save your baby. And if you want to save your wife. Her uterus has to be cut off. The baby was dead in the womb so I forgot to take it out and cut the uterus. & quot;

The brother cried, & quot; Save my wife. Anyway & quot;

The doctor goes to Bhabi again. Mao Bhaiya is crying outside. I'm already crying for Bhabi.

Bhabi's uterus has to be cut off. I will never be a mother again. Bhabi calls me before he regains consciousness. When I approached, he pulled me to his chest.

A few days later, Bhabi was brought home. Bhabi became quieter than before.

Although he caressed me, I did not see Bhabi as happy as before. I loved my brother very much. What if the child did not always dare? Everyone is happy with this. After 1-2 years, he married his younger sister. If she passes HSC, she gets married.

There were 4 of us at home. I was then in class six, in the middle of the year. Mother left us, left the world. More trouble comes down to our family. Bhabi always took me. He continues to grow up by caressing like a child. At home I used to think. Never let me miss my mother. The house is next to the market, so the brothers also come and go after a while. He used to see us.

I wonder when 4 more years have passed since I and my brother got together. I think it's like coming to our house for the first time, caressing.

I passed SSC and got admitted in the village college. After passing the Inter, he was sent to Dhaka. I got admitted in Dhaka University. I never wanted to stay away from Bhabir. So I run to Bhabi at least once a month. I never wanted to come back.

I would come back crying all the time. I became a police officer a few days ago after finishing my studies. I joined the job in 6-7 months.

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Written by   27
1 year ago
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nice story.... next part

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1 year ago