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i think last

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1 year ago

I think

Last part

Bhabir's hair is getting ripe now. I have never seen a lack of love. She is growing up like her mother.

I don't know how to think about my lover. Many are afraid if they disrespect Bhabi after marriage. I don't get married for fear of that. I can't even tell Bhabi if she is in trouble. I can never hurt Bhabi. She is equal to my mother.

I know he will give his life for me. If you tell your girlfriend to get married now. If only one fear hurts! I did not return home this Eid. I am serving the people because of the situation in the country. This is the first Eid without Bhabi.

I wish I could keep my smile happy for the rest of my life. She never seems to have children. I am his child.

I hope to hide under the area of ​​Bhabi. And will eat with caress. I will return home if the country's corona is good.


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nice next part plz

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1 year ago