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Criminal lover

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2 years ago

criminal lover

Episode 1

Nur is lying on the sofa after being slapped so hard. An overly handsome boy of six feet two inches is standing in front of him slapping him. The reason for slapping him is that he was trying to run away from home seven times.

- & quot; And once I try to escape, I'll put you alive !! & quot;

I looked at my clothes. Some parts were torn. Because, every time I was trying to escape, he dragged me into the house. But it would be wrong to say it is home. It is a kind of palace. Noor himself is in a luxurious house. ..

Nur doesn't understand why he brought cotton here.

Nur got up again and started peeking to see if there was any other way to escape. But no, because there is no way to escape from where Nur is. It is a foreign country. That means he is nowhere in Bangladesh.

- & quot; Please help Allah !! I am stuck in this hell !! & quot; Nur was muttering to himself. He stared at the boy with his eyes wide open. He combed his long hair and stood in front of the boy

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1 year ago

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Good question. I don't know what there commenters are doing :)

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