My love

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3 years ago

My love you're everything in my lifet's .youre the sun of my life

youre that light that shines in my dark side

i don't use my mind. when i think of you

rhyme comes over whithout a sign

i just want a last dance... to make the

moon jealous of what's mine

i miss you now .... i try to call but you decline

you want me dead.. it's fine

you don't love me ?... neather do I

but give me a last breath to see the

beauty of your smile

my eyes... you were just something i

deamt about

and now i'm alone... i find no one at home

i play like i don't wanna see you again .

you know i'm a good actor

but you're like cancer... i feel the danger... i should stay a stranger..

but when i miss you sometimes... i use my grammar

so i should be faster ... to decrease my anger

my life's going down and i need some answers..

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