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First Love

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1 year ago


I am asleep in the morning ,,,, suddenly my phone rang ,,,,, I received and said.

I - Hello who ,,,,,,?

Anika - You received it without looking at the phone ,,, Well, get up early and go to college.

I - How do you know I'm still sleeping?

Anika - you wake up late Rosie ,,,, what is there to understand ,,,, now come quickly without wasting time.

I - OK ,,,,,.

Then I got out of bed and went to have fresh breakfast.

Me - Mom, give me some food soon. It's too late.

Mom - what are you talking about, these are our cars, you have bikes, you can go with any one of them, so it won't be too late, let me feed you.

I - my car, I do not like to go to college by bike ,,,,. It feels good to go by rickshaw.

Dad said from behind ,,,,,

Dad - you will be my son to go to college by rickshaw ,,,,, what will people say ,,,,, once you think?

I - I don't care what people say ,,,, everything is good if you are good.

Dad - Yes, you are right. But all your class mates go to college by car or bike ,,,, then why would you go by rickshaw?

I - Mom I finished my meal I went ,,,,,, and without answering any words ,,,,, came out.

(I am Akash. I am studying in the final year in Arnas. The people I have talked to for so long are my mother and father. Now I need to know so much.)

I got out of the house and took a rickshaw to go to college. I left after a while. I paid the fare and reached inside the college. Anika didn't have to look anywhere because she was always sitting in one place ,,,,, and that was under the bot tree ,,,,, that was her favorite place.

I went and sat straight next to him.

I - Hmm Maharani said this time why he asked to come to college in such a hurry ,,,,, any problem.

Anika - No, that's what I called for. (Upset)

I - you can't lie well ,,,,, tell me what happened ,,,, turn your hand on my cheek.

Anika - I'm so scared of you ,,,,,, I will not find you for the rest of your life (with your head on your chest) light crying

I - Hey crazy ,,,, I'm just yours ,,,, and the one who loves the more he is afraid of losing him OK ,,,,, I will never leave you. (Wiping away tears)

Anika - Then I don't know why I think I will lose you for one reason or another. You will always be by my side like this?

I - Yes, I will stay. Now go to class ,,,,,,, I have to go to class.

Anika - You're chasing me now ,,,,,, I understand you don't love me anymore ,,,,, (crying)

I - you are the first love of my life ,,,,,, I will never leave you. A few days later my final exam so I said that I will go to class ,,,, as you say then you do not have to stay.

Anika - Hey just miss your class for me why ,,,,, go to your class ,,,,, and I'm going to my class.

I - OK. Then I went there with my classmates ,,,,.

Emon - How are you, Mama?

I - Alhamdulillah, how are you?

Emon - It goes well ,,,,,, I don't have a relationship anymore that will go much better.

I - Well, no problem, I'll choose a girl for you today. Well, I do not see Rakik and where did not come today?

Emon - I called Nare ,,,,, did not receive.

I - ahhh well maybe he's busy ,,,,,

Then we took a class and went out ,,,,,,

Emon - Well, friend, let me tell you something, don't tell anyone, promise?

I - Hey, why are you talking like a child ,,,, I am your friend, you can tell me everything, tell me, there is no problem ,,,,, I will not tell anyone.

Emon - I don't like that girl very much.

I - Hey, if you don't tell me first, would you be single for so many days?

Emon - Well, now I'm saying ,,,, you go with the girl's phone number, Facebook ID, please come.

I - dude to tell the truth ,,,,,,, if you want to have a relationship, you have to do it yourself ,,,,, if you take the help of other people ,,,,, there is a problem But I will do so much for you.

Then I went and came with the girl's phone number ,,, Facebook ID ,,,, I gave it to Emon ,,,,, and he left a little later Anika came.

Anika - Well, how many phone numbers do you have? What happens to mine?

I - What do you mean, how many phone numbers do these girls have?

Anika - Why did you take the phone number, Facebook ID from the rain?

I - Who is this rain again?

Anika - You say in such a way that you can't eat fried fish upside down ,,,,,,. The girl I went to a little while ago was named Brishti.

I - ahhhh that girl ,,,,,, (laughs)

Anika - I'm getting a lot of laughs so no ,,,,,, why don't you talk about the new girl ,,,,,,, I knew you don't love me anymore ,,,, you just played with me for so long. (Cries lightly)

I - hey hey let me say something ,,,,,,, I took it for Emon ,,,, you are for me.

Anika - I don't believe you don't love me anymore ,,,, (crying)

I - Well, let me introduce you to my parents.

Anika - not afraid of me

I - I'm not here ,,,,,, Nothing will happen My parents are very good. I will be very happy to see you.

Anika - OK then let's go ,,,,,.

Then the two of us took a rickshaw to our house ,,,,,,,.

Anika - Is this your house?

I - yes ,,,,, let's go inside now.

Shortly after giving the calling bell, the maid came and opened the door ,,,,,, the two of us entered.

I - Mom ,,, Dad come here a little ,,, There is an urgent matter.

Mother - why are you calling me like this? Mother and father have also left.

I - and she is Anika ,,,,,,, we both love each other ,,,, and want to get married.

Dad - what are you talking about ,,,,,,,,?

I - Dad ,,,,,,,,, I'm going to say something then the phone rang ,,, I looked at the skin and saw that Rakib had called ,,,, so I received it without delay ,,,.

I - What's the matter, friend?

Rakib - My mother had an accident I am in medical (crying)

I - What are you talking about how these things happened ,,,,, Wait I'm coming now ,,,,,,,, I left the phone.

I - Anika I have to go ,,,, Rakib's mother had an accident ,,,,, You sit here I will leave after a while.

Anika - I'll go too ,,,,,,,,,,.

I - you don't have to go ,,,,,,, and I'll be back a little later ,,,,, you better talk to my parents ,,,,,. And mom you take care of her.

Then I went out to go to the medical without delay ,,,,,,,

And this way ,,,,,,,

Dad - what are you doing ,,,,,,,?

Anika - I am studying in the third year in Arnas ,,,,, and some students study ,,,,, free time.

Dad - ahhh what does your dad do ,,,,,,?

Anika - My father died a long time ago ,,,,,,,. Mother and I are in our family.

Dad - So who cares about family care?

Anika - I didn't say read some students ,,,,. Their salaries cover the cost of my education and family.

Then my father will say something like that to Anika, maybe she will think one day ,,,,,,, tears are constantly falling from her eyes after listening to her father's word

To be continued...

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Written by   17
1 year ago
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