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8 months ago

Is Green Pepper the Next Breast Cancer Superfood? At first, green peppers don’t look very exciting. They’re low in most vitamins and have almost zero carotenoids, which is what gives other peppers their bright red, yellow or orange colors. But green peppers do have polysaccharides. And researchers have just found that these polysaccharides slowed breast cancer growth in mice by 48%. Intriguingly, the polysaccharides also appeared to boost the immune system against cancer by more than doubling the number of circulating granulocyte immune cells. And as a bonus, the tumors’ ability to grow blood vessels was cut by 46%, meaning they can’t easily access new food supplies. Even more impressive is that we have evidence that this green superfood may work in people too: a recent study found that women eating 50 grams daily had 31% less risk of breast cancer. (That amount contains just 10 calories!) So why not add green peppers to your regular diet today? They’re delicious in salads, vegetable smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and so much more.

Please search for 30241820 on Pubmed dot com to see the research article.

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