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In present time everyone wants to earn money online and their many different platforms where you can earn money but there are many fake websites that only waste your precious time.

In a time of these fake websites and time wasting websites read cash provide its users a good threshold to get a chance of earning some money.

Read catches not basically earning website but its main purpose is to create a habit of writing in article and improving English skills of students all over the world and it boots there confidence by giving small tips in the form of Bitcoin cash.

Read cash is a very good website because it don't provide lot of verification steps you only need to submit an article and then if your article is viewed by people around the world and you get some tips from tippers like random rewarder.

Another benefit of using read cash is you don't restricted to certain genres of articles. The people here are free to publish articles on any topic they want. So you can write on any topic of your choice and if you are lucky and people review and comment on your articles you get a very good amount of money from a single article.

There are some points you have to take care of that you cannot publish more than one article in 24 hours because it shows your behaviour about only earning from that website not the purpose of learning something new.

Second point is that you should not copy paste article like your work should not contain plagerism and copy content.

If you are content is copy material then your account could be freeze for sometime Ban to do violation of guidelines of read cash website.

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Read cash is very good website i am enjoying here and the earnings from here are quite comfortable

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