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Poverty Of the world

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Poverty refers to the inadequacy of subordinate resources or income to meet the basic necessities of life. Poverty can have social, economic and political elements. Relative poverty occurs when a person fails to achieve a minimum standard of living relative to other people in a given space-time. Due to this, the definition of relative poverty varies from country to country and society to society. The person is relatively poor. But if everyone in a nomadic society lives in a tent in the field, the person will not be considered relatively poor.

Many government and non-government organizations continue their efforts to reduce poverty. In this case, all the people who are unable to earn enough, try to provide the necessary goods to meet their basic needs. But poverty alleviation is hampered by limitations such as corruption, tax evasion, debt burdens, loan conditions, and intellectual trafficking of healthcare and education professionals. Strategies such as welfare, economic independence and the provision of economic services are used to make basic needs more affordable so as to increase the income of the poor.

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